Yo Sushi – snacking on squid and duck

Yo Sushi - snack smWaiting for Caroline and Lucy who’ve gone to the cinema this afternoon.

Luckily there’s a Yo Sushi in the shopping mall, right outside the cinema entrance/exit.

Well waddya know!

Time for me to catch up with a couple of long-time friends; Spicy Pepper Squid and Duck Gyoza.



Yo Sushi for Caroline’s birthday

Yo Sushi - Carolines Birthday sm

My love of drawing and my love of sushi have grown hand-in-hand. When I first started drawing again, in 2009, Yo Sushi was one of the places that I visited during the summer break from work. I’ve been back so many times now that I can’t remember whether that 2009 visit was my first visit or not.

I remember being drawn to the restaurant, because I was out on my own and wanted somewhere vibrant and lively to eat out at. The fact that ordering food is so laid back and easy was an added bonus. I spent a couple of lazy hours, drawing and eating and generaly taking my time.

A later visit revealed to me that one of my favourite dishes that we cook at home was actually smothered in a variation of a teriyaki sauce;

– Honey

– Soy Sauce

– Rice Wine

Then I was hooked! Hooked on Japanese food.

My lunches have been taken over by Bento; work colleagues chuckling at my little bento box stuffed with strange combinations of exotic sauces and dips. “Don’t you ever have just a boring sandwich, Matthew?” Well, yes, I do … but I LOVE my bento lunches; it’s like a little picnic in a box. (By the way, my bento lunches aren’t the highly decorative ones, just straight, delicious combinations of sauces, dips, leftovers and quick treats – check out the Just Bento website :http://justbento.com/ for loads of quick, easy and delicious recipes)