The Bivouac – Venison Burger 2

The Bivouac - Venison burger 2 smI’ve uploaded the other pictures from our weekend stay at The Bivouac before.

Towards the end of our weekend I just had to end my meals at the cafe with the meal that I’d started with; so I had another Venison Burger.

It’s always great to eat somewhere that knows what it does well and sticks to that.

With a very limited menu, The Bivouac succeeds in satisfying with heartwarming homemade cuisine.

When something tastes this good, there should always be room for more.

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The Bivouac – Venison burger

This was our first meal at The Bivouac. We’d travelled up, on the Friday evening, after work, . Collecting Lucy from school en route.

It only took us an hour or two to get there, which was cool.

The Bivouac - Venison burger 1 smOnce we’d been shown wooden shack and unpacked, we trooped down to the on-site cafe, which was lovely.

Everything well-thought out and beautifully presented.

And I’m not just talking about our meal – the cafe was on two levels, with the lower one acting as a family room with a slew of things to entertain toddlers and above. Lucy particularly enjoyed the sticker books.