Ask – Almond, Plum and Pistachio Tart

I don’t often have a pudding, so when I do crumble (!) and succumb to some sweet delight I have to start a fresh page for my drawing.


Ask - Tart smI really could not resist having a slice of this deliciously light almond tart. The plums were sharp and sweet and the pistachio frosting was soft and subtle.


Well worth breaking my pudding fast for.

Patisserie Valerie – Almond Franzipan Tart

There’s no point in trying to choose easy subjects to draw.


(Although, I was drawing a block of Halloumi cheese last week – a white block – and it was rather dull ; but it tasted rather fab)

Patisserie Valerie - Almond Franzipan sm

But, quite why I choose to have this Almond Franzipan Tart, at this place is anyone’s guess … All those almonds strewn across the top and the wiggly name of the cafe!

… aww, come on! who am I kidding! Almond Franzipan! Oh, boy!

I adore frangipani in all it’s forms.

(Don’t remind me about my love of frangipani mince pies – yum. What a delight at Christmas!)

I don’t particularly have a sweet tooth, that much. just sometimes, occasionally, I crave sweeter tastes.

Subject aside … Did I not look at the name of tea shop before I ordered? Those curly letters were a bit of a nightmare to draw.

(By the way, if anyone knows the name of the font, i’d be very grateful. For while it’s tricky to copy, I do like it)