Yo Sushi – snacking on squid and duck

Yo Sushi - snack smWaiting for Caroline and Lucy who’ve gone to the cinema this afternoon.

Luckily there’s a Yo Sushi in the shopping mall, right outside the cinema entrance/exit.

Well waddya know!

Time for me to catch up with a couple of long-time friends; Spicy Pepper Squid and Duck Gyoza.



Yo Sushi for Caroline’s birthday

Yo Sushi - Carolines Birthday sm

My love of drawing and my love of sushi have grown hand-in-hand. When I first started drawing again, in 2009, Yo Sushi was one of the places that I visited during the summer break from work. I’ve been back so many times now that I can’t remember whether that 2009 visit was my first visit or not.

I remember being drawn to the restaurant, because I was out on my own and wanted somewhere vibrant and lively to eat out at. The fact that ordering food is so laid back and easy was an added bonus. I spent a couple of lazy hours, drawing and eating and generaly taking my time.

A later visit revealed to me that one of my favourite dishes that we cook at home was actually smothered in a variation of a teriyaki sauce;

– Honey

– Soy Sauce

– Rice Wine

Then I was hooked! Hooked on Japanese food.

My lunches have been taken over by Bento; work colleagues chuckling at my little bento box stuffed with strange combinations of exotic sauces and dips. “Don’t you ever have just a boring sandwich, Matthew?” Well, yes, I do … but I LOVE my bento lunches; it’s like a little picnic in a box. (By the way, my bento lunches aren’t the highly decorative ones, just straight, delicious combinations of sauces, dips, leftovers and quick treats – check out the Just Bento website :http://justbento.com/ for loads of quick, easy and delicious recipes)

Sunday in Cyprus

It usually takes me a bit of time to relax into any holiday, even when I’m around drawing. Actually, focussing on the meals I was eating, also forced me to relax into things a bit quicker than usual. But mornings I still find difficult when I’m holiday. Especially when it’s a large buffet room. I always that kind of breakfast difficult to face in a morning.

Oh, my! Halloumi cheese and Lountza ham! What a fantastic combination!
I’ve been a fan of the ham/cheese combination in a sandwich; but grilled Halloumi and the marinated Lountza ham, combined with the toasted pitta! Oh, for goodness sake! Fan-tast-ic!

 You may, or may not be, aware that I LOVE SUSHI. So the chance to go ans have japanese cuisine was too much to pass up! The only problem was that the the restaurant was pitched outside, and the lighting was a bit dim, so it was a bit difficult to see! Plus it was a restaurant meal out with my family! So I was under pressure to draw and eat in pace with everyone else. (In other words normal eaters!!!) I snapped a few photos on my iphone to refer to later, but managed to complete my drawing before we left the table. 🙂

 Later in the evening I snuck off to the bar. To catch up on some of my drawing notes and to look forward to the week ahead! 🙂

Sushi Selection for Lunch

This was a shop-bought selection; but still delicious nevertheless.

I’m on a bit of a healthy eating kick at the moment and I’m just dabbling in a few Bento-type dishes for my lunches. It just seems to me that Japanese cuisine seems to be healthier than the standard, western diet, or at least has a greater potential to be healthier.

I love Sushi and the thought of having a Bento box of sushi-like japanese selection is most appealing.