Self-Portrait as a tomato

Tomato me smI was doodling around whilst on the plane the other day – a whole series of cutesy cartoon characters; including myself as a tomato!

Sometimes it’s fun to try to break out of the ruts that we settle into.

I’ve signed up for Marc Taro Holmes’ class on Craftsy “Sketching People in Motion”. My usual illustration method is quite slow and methodical. I like to sketch in lines after close inspection, but that simple isn’t possible with life drawing. Especially when that life drawing is done as part of urban/guerrilla sketching.

So I thought I’d take a class.

And so it was the cartoons I was sketching out on the plane. I’ve never felt confident enough to try to create cartoons and spent a happy journey trying to develop some. Food orientated, of course!

I stumbled across them again the other day – I’d forgotten I’d done them, to be honest! I love it when this happens. Even though I hadn’t even been sketching what I could see; finding these drawing transported me back to that plane journey and the fun game that my daughter I started to have, in which she was challenging me to draw my funny characters in various situations.

Self portrait in purple

Sat in the car sketching myself whilst Caro drives us over to a friend’s house for a party.

Self-Portrait in purple smAfter I’d coloured in my skin so dazzlingly orange, Caro suggested that I do my beard in an equally bright hue.

Choosing purple was a bit of a mistake; I nearly look like an escaped umpa-lumpa (from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!)

Caro urged me to colour my eyes green, which seemed even more umps-lumpa-ish.

Sometimes it’s cool to follow the suggestions of others and then, when they think you’re going to follow every whim, switch track and go back to doing your own thing.