At the Harland Cafe; Sheffield

Last Saturday the Sketchcrawl North group met up at the Harland Cafe in Sheffield; for a drawing extended lunch. I made sure I got there a little earlier so that I could have breakfast as well, knowing that i would spend a little amount of time drawing it before I ate.

Harland Cafe - Breakfast

There were soooo many tasty sounding things on the menu, for lunch; I just couldn’t decide what to have!

In fact, I actually abdicated responsibility on that decision and asked the waitress what she preferred. So I have a vegetarian sausage and fried egg sandwich., Yummy!

Harland Cafe - Lunch

I don’t usually have puddings or cakes; so for me it has to be something particularly special.

Tuesday in Cyprus

For breakfast I thought I’d try a  it bit more of a minimalist style. Especially as this was the first morning I’d felt like anything for substantial than tea! I just wanted to tuck in!

Then we set off into town. Lucy wanted to check out some of the shops ….

…. so after quite a while (Whilst Lucy desperately tried to spend the Euros which were burning a hole in her pocket) We stopped off for a late morning drink.

After we’d gone round the roman mosiacs and the archaeological dig it was time for lunch.

And I had a first! The owner of the restaurant was so impressed with my speedy drawing that she waved the charge on our drinks when it came to settle the bill! That’s never happened before! I wonder how many more restaurant drawings I need to do before I get the whole meal for free?

I’d had such a lovely day out – it was frustrating to be reminded of other people offloading their preconceptions of what is acceptable behaviour at the dining table :/

But, you know what? I don’t think I do care what other people think! I’m enjoying drawing my food!!

Monday in Cyprus

Yeh, I went from a devout coffee drinker to out and out tea drinker in the spece of four days (Well, four days and 1 virus).

For lunch I wandered across the road to the sandwich shop in the little shopping mall.

Our evening meal at the hotel was a Mexican themed buffet… and extra chillies in the salad selection …

Sunday in Cyprus

It usually takes me a bit of time to relax into any holiday, even when I’m around drawing. Actually, focussing on the meals I was eating, also forced me to relax into things a bit quicker than usual. But mornings I still find difficult when I’m holiday. Especially when it’s a large buffet room. I always that kind of breakfast difficult to face in a morning.

Oh, my! Halloumi cheese and Lountza ham! What a fantastic combination!
I’ve been a fan of the ham/cheese combination in a sandwich; but grilled Halloumi and the marinated Lountza ham, combined with the toasted pitta! Oh, for goodness sake! Fan-tast-ic!

 You may, or may not be, aware that I LOVE SUSHI. So the chance to go ans have japanese cuisine was too much to pass up! The only problem was that the the restaurant was pitched outside, and the lighting was a bit dim, so it was a bit difficult to see! Plus it was a restaurant meal out with my family! So I was under pressure to draw and eat in pace with everyone else. (In other words normal eaters!!!) I snapped a few photos on my iphone to refer to later, but managed to complete my drawing before we left the table. 🙂

 Later in the evening I snuck off to the bar. To catch up on some of my drawing notes and to look forward to the week ahead! 🙂

Cafe Ritazza – A quick breakfast

Setting off for a day out at Sheaf Park, in Sheffield, I stopped off to grab a quick on-the-go breakfast. Well, as fast as on-the-go, but drawing the whole darned thing allows!

I liked the way that the paper bag that Cafe Ritazza put my bacon and egg roll in was half obscured by the sandwich and the contrast with the purely black and white coffee cup.

Edinburgh Zoo – Grasslands Restaurant

What a pleasant surprise it was eating at the newly refurbished restaurant at Edinburgh Zoo. Lucy and I chose from the cafe side. All the sandwiches were labelled with ‘Freshly Made Today’ stickers and my Chicken And Bacon sandwich was delicious.
The family at the table beside us had collected their meal from the other end of the restaurant, which was serving larger meals and hot food. They were very impressed with the quality of their food too.

Sunnyhills of Belford

On the way up to Edinburgh we stopped off at this delightful cafe and farm shop: Sunnyhills of Belford, just off the A1.My Prawn Sandwich was delicious; the tomato and chilli sauce, just slightly spiced.

Caroline enjoyed looking round the farm shop and Lucy enjoyed playing on the miniature tractors.