Sainsbury’s – Breakfast

Was I comfort eating? I don’t know. I don’t think so.

It just happened to be morning.

Sainsburys - breakfast smAnd I just happened to be feeling a bit low.

So, I grabbed the opportunity to grab a quick breakfast at a local supermarket cafe.


(Please note : Some of my illustrations are examples of my trying to live a low carb/no carb lifestyle. Here we have a case in point: bacon, eggs and mushrooms. I passed on the hash browns and the toast in favour of an extra slice of bacon)


Well, it was yummy until I received an unwelcome text from … well … it wasn’t anyone on the Hollywood ‘A’ list, that’s for sure. Although I wish that they were acting ‘being blunt’.

Sometimes it would be nice to escape and rewind to a simpler time when we weren’t all just a phone call, or a text away.

Still, the cooked breakfast certainly made up for the dismal attitude of some people.