The Grove

Is it possible to do a pub crawl just based at one pub?

07 - The Grove smThe Grove is a singular kind of drinking house in that it has huge menus of the various types of ales and beers that it has for sale; guest beers.

For our ‘pub crawl’ I stuck with the cider menu (of which there were five different types), but I could have opted for twenty plus different ales (or indeed thirty plus different types of gin, or four types of absinthe)

Accompanied by an array of weird and wonderful snacks; crispy salt and vinegar locusts, ghost pepper peanuts and cheese and onion beef jerky.

So we spent a quiet afternoon chewing over ridiculous ideas and reminiscing about long forgotten events.

The pub also does take away – providing 1 pint, 2 pint and 5 pint containers to take a favourite beverage away. Yummy!