Pork Pie with Stilton

Bought from my local, friendly farm shop.

Sometimes it’s nice to have the simple things in life; the simplicity of a pork pie, on it’s own. Delicious


Actually, sketching this out reminded me that I’ve got a pork pie tin somewhere in the kitchen – I went on a pork pie making course a couple of years ago (incredibly easy to do) but I’ve never delved into having a go at following the course at home. 

Rastrick – 2nd Beer Festival

Last year Lee and I spent a lovely, lazy afternoon sampling beers in the late summer sunshine.
… and we were able to go this year too, the 2nd Rastrick Beer Festival.
Amazingly, ending a week of torrential rain, came Saturday. With a (nearly) balmy afternoon. Well, there wasn’t any rain anyway.
I stuck with cider and perry as it felt like a bright Autumnal kind of drink.
(Yes, I know it can’t be late summer and autumn, but the weather WAS confused and so was I!)