Keeping my feet on the ground.

PlateI’ve been experimenting with little ‘incidental’ images to add to blog posts; part of a commission for a friend who has a blog about teaching  – Mr Hill’s Musings.

It’s been an interesting commission, forcing me to learn to use some basic functions of Adobe Illustrator. I’ve always said that computers and technology are a bit like a foreign language – we only tend to learn what we need to ‘get by’.

I know a lot of illustrators enjoy using technology to tidy things up and make clean lines, perhaps even producing a whole project using technology,but I have to admit I like to see that contact with the paper – those wobbly lines, variations in line width and colouring. It just seems so much more authentic to me.


Earlier in the year I had to illustrate a cartoon picture of a couple of pirates having a bit of a disagreement.

pirates 01

I was really pleased with how the basic drawing came out – I liked experimenting with the different forms of line and texturing.

And then used pantomime colours for the colouring;

pirates 02Am I entirely happy with the outcome?

Hmmm … maybe it’s a bit too bright, for me (I do like those muted colours…) But I think it fits the brief of a jolly illustration of funny pirates slaughtering each other .