The Eiffel Tower – It’s all getting a bit too meta!

A couple of years ago, whilst in Paris, I sketched the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel View 01 - sml

This was all done while Lucy and Caroline took a trip up the tower.

I first draw this, about halfway across the Parc du Champs de Mars (Just beside the road, if you must know)

I then wandered across the road and settled down beside a piece of shrubbery to draw another view of the tower.


Eiffel View 02 - smlNot realising that Lucy and Caroline, now having ascended the tower, were taking photographs of the view.

Including me, albeit inadvertently!



Can’t see me, yet?


P1000881cHere I am.

Sat slightly to the right of the cone-shaped shrub.


P1000881eSo, in fact, while Lucy and Caroline were photographing me, I was unknowingly sketching them on my tower sketch.



The Eiffel Tower

Unbeknownst to me Caroline and Lucy had climbed to the second level by this time and took a photo of the park below, where I was sketching. A lovely warm day.

Notre Dame de Paris

Last week, whilst on holiday, we popped into Paris for a day.

Caroline and Lucy took a boat ride on the Seine to see the sites of the City, whilst I took the metro to sketch Notre Dame Cathedral in the sunshine.

I’d toyed with trying to sketch from the side, so that I could capture the flying buttresses, but instead opted to join the throng of people bustling about in the square in front; meeting old friends, taking photographs and just chilling in the lovely weather.

I sat next to a french gentleman who seemed interested in my drawing. He chatted with me every so often about my drawing and eventually explained that he had a blog of pastel drawings. Check out his photographs and pastel drawings here:

What an awe-inspiring building; incredibly detailed Gothic architecture. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to pack all the detail in. I decided to exaggerate reality and make my drawing more personal and quirky.