The watercolours I use are a mixture of Winsor and Newton and Schminke. Mostly it’s by accident, rather than design. There’s only the screamingly pink Opera Rose by Winsor and Newton that I am faithful to.


A lovely transparent yellow/green – great for light glazes
Raw Sienna

Yellow Ochre

My two go-to colours for painting browns in food
Translucent Orange – Schminke

I love this vibrant orange/red
Opera Rose – Winsor and Newton

Another one of my must-have’s – purely because it’s so eye-popping – great for the full range of pinks and purples.
May Green – Schminke

Permanent Sap Green – Winsor and newton

– My stand-by green’s for salads

(You’d think that my portable set and the home/studio set would be the same, wouldn’t you!)


Portable set

Some full pans, but mostly half-pans

Palette - PortablePalette – Portable

208 Aureolin Schminke

215 Lemon Yellow Schminke

225 Cadmium Yellow Middle Schminke

218 Translucent Orange Schminke

363 Scarlet Red Schminke

Opera Rose winsor & newton

Cobalt Blue winsor & newton

Cerulean Blue winsor & newton

660 Raw Sienna Schminke

Naples Yellow Deep winsor & newton

Venetian Red winsor & newton

Paynes Grey winsor & newton

783 Payne’s Grey Schminke

509 Cobalt Turquoise Schminke

Permanent Sap Green winsor & newton

524 May Green Schminke

534 Permanent Green Olive Schminke

512 Chromium Oxide Green Schminke

648 Translucent Brown Schminke

668 Burnt Umber Schminke

661 Burnt Sienna Schminke

669 Vandyke Brown Schminke

Palette – Home

This is made up wholly of full pans

Palette - Home

Aureolin winsor & newton

215 Lemon Yellow Schminke

New Gamboge winsor & newton

Cadmium Orange winsor & newton

670 Madder Brown Schminke

Cadmium Red Deep winsor & newton

Opera Rose winsor & newton

Winsor Green winsor & newton

Permanent Sap Green winsor & newton

Hookers Green winsor & newton

524 May Green Schminke

487 Cobalt Blue Light Schminke

Cerulean Blue winsor & newton

783 Payne’s Grey Schminke

Naples Yellow Deep winsor & newton

660 Raw Sienna Schminke

655 Yellow Ochre Schminke

Burnt Sienna winsor & newton

Burnt Umber winsor & newton

669 Vandyke Brown Schminke

Cafe Roxanne – Painting Breakfast

Watercolour Paints

Generally I use Winsor and Newton paints.

Cafe Roxanne - Breakfast 2 smI have a little metal palette which can hold about eighteen half-pans.But some of the colours I have in there are full pans (because they get used more than the others). Food painting seems to use more yellow ochre and I also have a full pan of neutral grey)

Some of the colours are from an old Daler Rowney set, most are Winsor and Newton. I tend to pick from these two companies (just because they’re the most available in the UK)

As far as actual colours go I’ve just gone with what I like.

I’ve got three different yellows (one of which is Aureoline – a fab transparent), an orange, a red (I’m still trying to find a transparent or translucent red!), Opera Rose (which I find essential to produce dazzling purples and pinks), a couple of blues, three greens (one of which is a really light green – for salad leaves), then a range of browns from Naples Yellow to Van Dyke Brown.


I don’t use black at all. Instead I used to mainly use Winsor and Newton’s Payne’s Grey, but have recently started to use the Neutral Grey colour instead, as it is more translucent.

I tend to prefer translucent over opaque.

I sometimes use Koh-I-Noor‘s stackable pure pigments (the colours of which really op out!); these are what I used for this breakfast sketch.

Just recently I’ve been hearing good things about Schmincke; so might have to try some of theirs out :/