Charlotte’s Ice Cream – banana ice-cream

Charlottes Ice Cream sm

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again –  I’m not a huge fan of ice-cream (Not sure why, I think it’s something to do with my mother being frightened by a raspberry ripple when she was pregnant with me, or something like that)

But the other members of the house – the wife and the child – both love ice-cream and, when holidaying, take regular ice-cream breaks – which I don’t join in with … unless … there is banana flavour available.

Not quite sure why it’s my one and only. But, it has to be banana, and only banana. Banoffee, or another bastardisation of banana, just won’t cut the mustard (and yes, I feel quite proud to have managed to fit the bastardisation into my little piece about banana ice-cream)


My Problem with Ice Cream

Ice-cream smI would love to be able to start this little post by saying, loud and proud, that I love ice-cream, but I’m afraid that it just isn’t the case.

I certainly don’t mind ice-cream, but I wouldn’t say that I always feel the need to have some when it is offered.

As such I don’t run the whole gamut of flavours when I choose to have an ice-cream, instead I tend to always plump for a favourite flavour: banana. This seems to be my current favourite.

Fruit Scone with jam and cream sm

Drawing Exhibit A

Isn’t actually ice cream, but a delicious Fruit Scone that I tried to enjoy at a Summer fair. But perfectly sums up my problem with ice cream.

A sunny Summer fair.

Now, bear in mind this was in the early days of my drawing my meals out (And yes, I realise that a fruit scone barely counts as a meal out, but they’re my drawings, so I guess it’s my rules as to what counts as a meal.)

As soon as I started to draw the cream was melting – obviously. Sometimes it amazes me how dreadfully thick I seem to be. Drawing cream in blazing sunshine! Although I suppose it must have acted as some kind of perverse count down – completing drawing before the cream and the scone was a puddle of scone-mush. It certainly gets the adrenaline pumping!

Ben and Jerrys smSo, instead I have to fill in the blanks;

1. Quick outline

2. Snap a few photos

3. Eat

4. Complete later

It’s the only way to capture the ice-cream in my hatching and sloppy-painting way that I can figure out to do.



I scream. You scream. We all scream for Ice-cream!

June’s magazine spread was all about ice-cream.

My heart sank a little. For while I enjoy food; trying new flavours and combinations. There are some foods which I have fallen out of love with, and one of those is ice-cream.

Sure I enjoy making ice-cream still (Malted, chocolate chip, if you must know!), but eating ice-cream is something I’ve kind of stopped doing …
So, for the magazine I knew that some illustrations of ice-creams were a given, but what else?

First of all I looked at the beginning of the process; the cow.

As part of my research I headed up to the local dairy ice-cream parlour; to catch some of the dairy cows used to create the ice-cream and also to get some pictures of ice-creams.

So here we have a lovely Holstein-Freisian traditional cow-style cow.

I rather liked the drawing I did, as it appeared a lot smoother than a real cow and ended up looking like a model cow, like the ones located around Milton Keynes.

Next – I thought it might be handy to have a cut-out-and-keep chart for dairy cattle.

When the magazine requests beef again I’ll sort out a chart for beef cattle.




When we arrived at the ice-cream parlour Caroline and Lucy immediately dashed off and began ordering ice-creams! I was a little more laboured in my buying; trying to weigh up different colours and flavours, combined with the different kinds of cones.

In the course of my research I discovered a love of … banana flavoured ice-cream.









Of course I had to work from photographs for this assignment, which I don’t really enjoy doing, but at least they would be my own photographs, which always feels better; as I can choose my own angles and details.

My illustration was a combination of several different ice-creams, for which I swapped and changed cones and colours to suit the drawing. At least two of the drawings were made from the same ice-cream from a different angle.

… and then topped off with a Cadbury’s flake.