Home-made Summer Fruits Rum

Rum pot smallI love the idea of creating your own flavoured liquor. Our good Martin brews his own wine and develops his own flavoured gins and, in this case … rum.

(I have to admit, I am still baffled by this illustration myself!

Picture this! We’d been invited to Martin and Michelle’s for a party; much wine was drunk and then the move was made to various flavours of Martin’s home brew wines and liquors.

A heady mix of alcohol and then a stagger to bed … when I woke, which was early, I was the only one awake.

So, I drew this flavoured rum which Martin had been toting around!

I have to admit it was partly because of the stoppered, tap bottle (Which I have not been able to source anywhere!)

But the fact is, that this mysterious illustration was the morning after A Night Before!

I’m still baffled by how I managed to pull this off! Combining fineline ink, biro and watercolour …. and all before breakfast!

Somedays, I guess we’re just on fire!

Pot o’Rum

We stayed over at some friends’ last weekend. Martin has rediscovered his passion for home brewing; producing a wild variety of wines (Tea, Brussel Sprout anyone?). He’s also started flavouring other drinks…

First of all can I just say that I LOVE this bottle! I just had to draw it!

It’s about he same height as a regular bottle, but with that neat, little tap at the bottom (Handy!). The evening before we’d all had a shot of Martin’s flavoured rum; he’d used strawberries and other summer fruits and, BOY!, was it delicious.

(Pssst …. by the way …. if you know where I can get such a bottle I would be very grateful 🙂