So … how’ve you been?

Okay, okay … I know it’s been a while. In fact, it’s been a long, long while.

But not without reason, unfortunately.

About mid-November, last year, I noticed that I was having to take off my glasses to read. I went for an eye test and the optician suggested that a new pair of glasses wasn’t really necessary and that taking off my glasses to read would suffice.

The trouble with this diagnosis was that I’d noticed I was finding it difficult to sketch in my sketchbook too.

So, I went back to the opticians in mid-December.

It’s taken until now to find something suitable that seems to fit the bill.

My problem, of course, has been one of finding it difficult to see close enough to sketch.

A Little Back Story: I’ve worn glasses since I was about 11. Needing them for both near and far.

But my eyesight has got to the point where seeing things near with the same pair of glasses is no longer an option.

It’s taken many, many, many visits to the opticians to figure out what I needed; especially after a lot of misunderstanding from them about what I wanted. Initially they were supplying me with glasses I could wear day-to-day (some variation-focal lenses) but these were impossible to sketch close-to with.

The glasses that I finally picked up yesterday have stronger, mid-range lenses (so, no good for seeing distance with) But fine for sketching with (at long last)

This has been a truly, truly upsetting journey at times – but I feel I’m finally getting somewhere.