Baby Elizabeth

This week I’m trying to sketch some of Lucy’s favourite things… after all, they won’t be favourites for ever …

First of all is Baby Elizabeth, Lucy’s beloved doll. Well, I say beloved, but as is usually the case with little girls and their ‘beloved’ babies; she is either being held closely or is lying, upside down at the back of a settee. One thing I will say in Lucy’s defence though; Baby Elizabeth is never lying around, discarded, with no clothes on! Lucy has always been very good at making sure Elizabeth, and her other toys, are well dressed for lying about upside down.

I used my usual Black Uni-Pin 0.8 to draw the outline first.

Then I used a Black Uni-Pin 0.1 to draw in some of the other manin lines and shapes.

Finally, I used a bic Biro to shade in. Starting at the hair, face and then the striped jacket.

I spent just over an hour on this and I am fairly pleased with the result.