My Problem with Ice Cream

Ice-cream smI would love to be able to start this little post by saying, loud and proud, that I love ice-cream, but I’m afraid that it just isn’t the case.

I certainly don’t mind ice-cream, but I wouldn’t say that I always feel the need to have some when it is offered.

As such I don’t run the whole gamut of flavours when I choose to have an ice-cream, instead I tend to always plump for a favourite flavour: banana. This seems to be my current favourite.

Fruit Scone with jam and cream sm

Drawing Exhibit A

Isn’t actually ice cream, but a delicious Fruit Scone that I tried to enjoy at a Summer fair. But perfectly sums up my problem with ice cream.

A sunny Summer fair.

Now, bear in mind this was in the early days of my drawing my meals out (And yes, I realise that a fruit scone barely counts as a meal out, but they’re my drawings, so I guess it’s my rules as to what counts as a meal.)

As soon as I started to draw the cream was melting – obviously. Sometimes it amazes me how dreadfully thick I seem to be. Drawing cream in blazing sunshine! Although I suppose it must have acted as some kind of perverse count down – completing drawing before the cream and the scone was a puddle of scone-mush. It certainly gets the adrenaline pumping!

Ben and Jerrys smSo, instead I have to fill in the blanks;

1. Quick outline

2. Snap a few photos

3. Eat

4. Complete later

It’s the only way to capture the ice-cream in my hatching and sloppy-painting way that I can figure out to do.