Converse Boot

This year I have resolved to enjoy my clothes a bit more. What more fun can I have than buying a pair of sneakers I love! I automatically went for the black converse boots, but bought these blue ones on a whim.

And now they’re my favourites!

The only problem with drawing one of them was that it’s had to sit on my desk for a week, or so! Sure I could have completed the drawing a little quicker, but I wasn’t too sure how it was going to turn out – so fear was holding me back a bit!

As usual I drew the outline in 0.8 unipin, then used 0.1 unipin to draw in some of the finer defining lines. Then I used black ballpoint to shade in areas and blue ballpoint to shade in the main canvas of the sneaker. Finally I used a payne’s grey colour wash over the sneaker to aline it closer to it’s darker blue shade.

I finally completed this drawing today; just in time to spill Wasabi Dressing all over the black converse boots that I’ve been wearing whilst I drew!