The Cooking School Cafe – Club Sandwich

Cooks school - club sandwich sm

The Cooking School at Dean Clough , in Halifax, is a wonderful place; it trains chefs in the cookery school and gives them practical experience in different roles within the attached cafe.

The cookery school is also a school for leisure cooks and offers a year long range of cooking courses on a wide range of themes.

It also runs junior cookery events too; which is where I’ve dropped Lucy off to.

This club sandwich was erred warm; although it cooled somewhat by the time I got to it! I’ll pop in again and have it warm, sometime.


Milry’s – And the other thing about a classic dish

Milrys - open club sandwich smMilry’s is a local bistro whose signature dish on their daytime menu is an open club sandwich.

So, we come on to the other thing about classic dishes is that they can be tweaked and spun off in different directions.

Each of the constituents can be substituted for upgraded or different varieties.

The bacon alone can be swapped out for smoked bacon, or any other variety of pork-based meat.

Okay, okay. It’s not exactly the classic club sandwich. But is still a club sandwich.



Holiday Inn – Club Sandwich

Holiday inn - classic club smOkay, so I had lunch at the Holiday Inn, even though I wasn’t staying there overnight.

The Holiday Inn above Brighouse has fantastic views across the Calder Valley. Now, you might think it might not sound that great, having the M62 gouging it’s way across the middle of this view, but it’s way in the background and actually placed quite aesthetically in the overall view.


Classic Club – I’m sure I’ve waxed lyrical about this classic sandwich recipe before. There’s a reason why certain recipes stand the test of time and travel globally, so that they’re available practically everywhere … because they’re simple delicious.

Perfect combination of sweet and savoury flavours, soft and crunchy textures.

When I write my book about sandwiches, the Club Sandwich will have pride of place on the first page.

Filenas – Panini

Filenas - panini smA lovely summer’s day.

The sun in the sky.

Clouds drifting past.


I headed into Filenas.

Now, Filenas café caters to a particular crowd of people. Let’s say it’s clientele is quite elderly.

Because it is.

I wasn’t expecting to find anything particularly exciting when I went to order, but it was a beautiful sunny day and I think that affected my optimism.

I spotted, at the bottom of the menu, this Bacon, Pesto and Feta Panini in amongst the bacon and cheese rolls and ham salads.

And I thought to myself ‘Hmm, that sounds rather exotic, I think I’ll try one of those.”

And so I did.

As I noted on the illustration, I really do love Pesto. It has to be one of my all time favourite things to with Garlic, Basil and Pine Nuts. It adds a cool, mediterranean twist to salads and sandwiches. Mmmm, Oh for a slice of Bruschetta with a little chopped tomato and pesto. Delicious!

For me, though, this sandwich combination (Bacon, Feta and Pesto) didn’t quite work out.

Still, I had the sunshine and a pretty drawing out of it; and a reminder about Pesto.


Subway – Club Sandwich

Subway - Club sm

I don’t often eat at Subway, but there’s such a vast array of choices I’m never quite sure what I’m supposed to do.

Luckily the assistant, stood behind the counter, was on hand to stand expectantly – waiting for me to reel off my order …

“… er what do I do?” I blurted out foolishly.

I opted for a classic sandwich (but added the jalapenos, as a final flourish to prove to the assistant that Iwas capable of making some choices of my own.