Old Gate – Eggs Benedict

Old Gate - Eggs benedict smWhat better for a leisurely breakfast?


Eggs Benedict and the Sunday Papers


At Old gate the hollandaise sauce was served in a little, teeny-tiny pan, so that I could pour over as much, or as little, as I wanted.

Milry’s – And the other thing about a classic dish

Milrys - open club sandwich smMilry’s is a local bistro whose signature dish on their daytime menu is an open club sandwich.

So, we come on to the other thing about classic dishes is that they can be tweaked and spun off in different directions.

Each of the constituents can be substituted for upgraded or different varieties.

The bacon alone can be swapped out for smoked bacon, or any other variety of pork-based meat.

Okay, okay. It’s not exactly the classic club sandwich. But is still a club sandwich.



Meze – Stuffed with stuffed vine leaves

Meze - lamb kebab smI’ve written before about classic dishes; those dishes that have stood the test of time …

Well, hats off to stuffed vine leaves, then. Around since Roman times and still delicious.

I’m particularly pleased with my stuffed vine leaves illustration here because I think I managed to capture the dark and the light well.

Hatching in the shadowed areas is one thing, but capturing the areas where the light catches is another.

Once I’ve drawn in the outline and added any other major internal lines, I start to shade in.

For shading I use various angles of hatching and cross hatching using a 0.1 fine liner. Occasionally I use a black biro for shading, as it can give a greater gradation of shading than a fine liner. BUT the biro is not light resistant, so I do use it sparingly and only for illustrations in sketchbooks.

Adding in the lighter areas is left until the end, when I add watercolour. Variations in the colour used adds further texture and carefully left spaces create the white/sunkissed spaces.

Holiday Inn – Club Sandwich

Holiday inn - classic club smOkay, so I had lunch at the Holiday Inn, even though I wasn’t staying there overnight.

The Holiday Inn above Brighouse has fantastic views across the Calder Valley. Now, you might think it might not sound that great, having the M62 gouging it’s way across the middle of this view, but it’s way in the background and actually placed quite aesthetically in the overall view.


Classic Club – I’m sure I’ve waxed lyrical about this classic sandwich recipe before. There’s a reason why certain recipes stand the test of time and travel globally, so that they’re available practically everywhere … because they’re simple delicious.

Perfect combination of sweet and savoury flavours, soft and crunchy textures.

When I write my book about sandwiches, the Club Sandwich will have pride of place on the first page.