Christmas Cards A-Go-Go

So, with a distinctly sprouty feel – I present my Christmas cards – all shiny and new and ready for boiling for 5-10 minutes.

Seven sprout-laden cards for your Christmas dinner delight.

Check them out at my Etsy site.


Christmas Card Designs 2016

Well, that’s my Christmas Cards designed for this year.

dJust need to get them sent off to be printed.



I’ve gone for a sprout theme

The Venue – A Christmas illustration under tricky circumstances

The Venue - Christmas smAh, the joys of the staff Christmas meal!

For this I shaded in the colour whilst I was there – and just left the finer details until later.

But, quite how I managed to 1) Identify the colour of each dish and 2) manage to mix up the paint to the correct colour is beyond me.

venue - flashing lightsI took three photographs of this slice of Christmas pudding at one point (I took several quick photos in rapid succession and selected three which highlighted the ever-changing lighting effects!) – the lights were constantly changing and flickering to the beats of the Christmas music. NOT the best situation to be mixing paints in!

The Venue – One last slice of Christmas

The Venue - Christmas smOr, to be more precise, A first slice of Christmas.

I drew this at the staff Christmas party. End of the term; when I had the whole of the Christmas and New Year expectations and celebrations to look forward to.

The Venue is a huge party venue (!) catering for hundreds. So, it did feel a little like we were being hurried along with our food.

The starters I’m afraid I really couldn’t do justice to; there was so much!

For the main course we had a choice, on the evening, no less. It was struggle to get my order in, as I was distracted colouring in my starters! So I ended up being served later than the others on my table.

Cheese and biscuits they could not prepare for me. So I had to have one of the set puddings. Not being a pudding fan I couldn’t really comment on it. And I spent so long s=drawing and painting it that the dance floor had set on fire and I just had to leave to join in the 60’s and 70’s medleys.

(It was great tearing up the dance floor to Gangnam Style)

PS. – What I thought at the time was a fruity sauce – was, in fact, a rum sauce.


St Matthews - Christingle sm

There’s something magical about the Christingle service; church packed full of families.

Yes, some families are new to church, and yes, they might not know exactly how they should be behaving. But church is full of life and livliness. It’s great seeing Matthew, the priest, leading the service, holding the crowd in the palm of his hand. leading them in the carols and guiding them, first to collect their Christingles and then process around the edge of the church.

The lights are turned out and we sing in the candle-lit darkness.


Then we popped over the road for a natter.

Hilltop Restaurant – Christmas Lunch

Hilltop Restaurant - Christmas Lunch sm

Caroline’s Auntie Nellie treats the family to a Christmas meal out every year.

It’s a great chance to catch up with members of the family that we don’t see the rest of the year.

I know I’ve got a bit obsessed with drawing my meals out at the moment, but they are usually those magical times that we cherish. Whether it’s catching up with relatives once a year, meeting with friends that we don’t see quite as often as we’d like, birthday treats, discovering new places whilst on holiday or just treating onself to a little luxury now and again.

Special moments indeed. Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy those precious memories 🙂

Christmas Lunch at Work

Salterhebble - Christmas Lunch smAmid all the rushing about and hectic gluing required at this time of year, it was good to have an, albeit brief, respite. Sitting down with the rest of the staff at work to enjoy a Christmas Lunch. Of course, working in a school means that we can sit and enjoy watching the kids beginning to build up their excitement levels in readiness for the big day.

The last couple of weeks at work have been a blur or tinsel, carols, nativity scenes, getting the kids end of term assessments up to date and finishing off topic activites.

Fabulous stuff 🙂

Baxter’s Sandwich Shop – Christmas Lunch in a Sandwich!

Baxters - Christmas Sandwich sm

The sandwich shop closest to where I work has been serving these little beauties for the past three weeks, or so. How could I possibly resist?!

Now, I realise that this isn’t the most inspiring foody drawing I’ve done; but it’s certainly one of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve had in a long while. Let’s just have a run through those ingredient, shall we?

– Turkey or chicken

– Bacon

– Sausage; sliced in half and cooked as a butterfly

– Stuffing

– Cranberry sauce

and, quite possibly, the deal clincher …

– Gravy

All it needed was a paper hat and a crumby joke to top off the effect.

I added Prawn Cocktail crisps as a starter. Well, it is Christmas!