Recipe card for Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry

Recipe - Chicken and sweet potato curry - plus stepsI’ve written about this recipe before; a Vietnamese Chicken and Sweet potato curry.

The last time I illustrated it, it was in the dimensions for They Draw And Cook, for which I had to adhere to specific dimensions;  except I worked on the dimensions in portrait, rather than landscape.

I liked the way that the ingredients are all tumbling into the cooking pan at the bottom.

I’ve recently re-illustrated it as a giveaway recipe card to include with orders from my Etsy shop.

It’s a super little recipe for a fragrant, tasty curry, low on heat, despite the inclusion of chilli.




My illustration this time around was centred around the recipe being in a two-fold booklet from an A4 sheet.

As I neared completion I realised that the illustrations I had done for the cover made it look a little like a take away menu, so I added in my business card details as if they we contact details for ordering.


I’m afraid that I still unable to offer a food delivery service at this time.




A Fistful of Kebabs

A set of five kebab illustrations for a local take away menu.Chicken sm

Daal sm Mutton sm Paneer sm Seek sm

Nando’s – Why?

Nandos - Chicken

I’ve not eaten at Nando’s before. And to be honest I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about. Sure it’s tasty, but it seems rather pricey for what it is.

Rather taken with the sauces, I have to admit – but nothing I couldn’t replicate at home.

The sauces can be bought in the supermarket (If you don’t want to make sauces from scratch.

Paprika and salted chips (fries) are definitely the way of the future.

In fact, I have to admit I’m growing to really appreciate the twist that paprika adds to many meals.