Magazine Masthead

One thing surprised me about my Completed cover smcover of Camping and Caravanning’s June 2015 issue was being allowed to draw in the masthead.

Companies work very carefully to protect their brand image and I thought it was brave of the magazine to cast away the clean lines of the regular magazine masthead and go forward with my hand drawn version.

Overall I don’t think it detracted from the effect of the cover at all; in fact I thought that the overall cover was quite striking and a nice contrast to the clean and crisp photography, which is usually used.

Header sm




On the Cover of a Magazine

This month’s Camping and Caravanning Club Magazine boasts my illustrations splashed across the cover.

Well, actually, not just splashed across the cover, but the magazine title too. I guess it seems quite fitting when the magazine is a Food Special

Some of these illustrations are from the inside of the magazine – this month’s Eat Local article is about cafes.

But most of them were commissioned for cover. All cakes and tarts and puddings and a barbecue.

Completed cover sm