The Bivouac – Venison burger

This was our first meal at The Bivouac. We’d travelled up, on the Friday evening, after work, . Collecting Lucy from school en route.

It only took us an hour or two to get there, which was cool.

The Bivouac - Venison burger 1 smOnce we’d been shown wooden shack and unpacked, we trooped down to the on-site cafe, which was lovely.

Everything well-thought out and beautifully presented.

And I’m not just talking about our meal – the cafe was on two levels, with the lower one acting as a family room with a slew of things to entertain toddlers and above. Lucy particularly enjoyed the sticker books.

The Bivouac – Falafel Burger

The Bivouac - Falafel Burger smWe recently stayed at The Bivouac a fantastic retreat in North Yorkshire. We stayed in one of the 7-berth woodland shacks. No electricity and the only heat was from a wood-burning stove in our one-room shack.

Fantastic weekend.

Our first day we spent kicking back and relaxing – to the point where we even visited the on-site cafe for a splendid lunch.

I tried the vegetarian Falafel Burger with Red Pepper Marmalade


Red Pepper Marmalade


150ml 1 cup bell pepper, finely diced (no stem and seeds)

120ml /1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

120ml / 1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon dried chili flakes


Place all the ingredients in a pan on medium/high heat.

Once it starts boiling, bring the heat down to low – stirring regularly.

Cook for 20 minutes or until most of the liquid evaporates and becomes a thick syrup.


The Bowes Museum – a miniature V and A

Bowes Museum Restaurant

Bowes Museum - burger smWe’d spotted some information about The Bowes Museum on a leaflet and set off today, as there was rain forecast.

What a lovely surprise this museum was.

It is located in Teesside, in the North of England, and is well worth a days visit.

The museum was founded by the Bowes family in the Victorian period; they were a philanthropic couple who collected all manner of items pertaining to the arts and crafts movements and as a result the exhibitions are akin to the V and A museum in London, albeit on a smaller scale.

Pride of place is the silver, automaton swan which performs at 2:00 very afternoon.

The museum itself is housed in a purpose-built, French- chateau styled building , at odds with the stone and brick of it’s nearby outer suburbs of Barnards Castle,, it’s nearest town.



The Tripp and Shack – Trio of mini burgers

As I wrote yesterday; I’m not a huge fan of sweet. I much prefer savoury.

There does seem to be a trend towards serving mini burger trios at the moment.

Now, regular readers will know that burgers are one of my favourite treats (All those naughty, naughty carbs!)

Tripp and Shack - Mini burgers smThe trio of mini [insert food of choice] allows us to indulge in a variety. Far more satisfying, I think, than trying to choose an individual favourite dish, we are able to have the best of three worlds.

Todays illustration is from The Tripp and Shack. Which is the fabulous outdoor eating area at The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch.

The gastro-pub close to my home; at the moment offers a ‘Build your own burger’ choice on the menu. With four different kinds of burger , fourteen additional salad and extras, six different sauces. Each time I go I intend to put together a combination that I haven’t tried before. Which is fun, but so much better if mini burgers were involved.

Actually, it’s just occurred to me, why not serve the whole selection, with the burgers and the buns as mini versions.

This would allow the customer to customise on the fly and create their own recipes. A bit too wasteful, I suppose, although the amounts of each item could be limited to force customers to use all of their ingredients.


Dukes 92 – Burger

Dukes 92 - Burger smOut in Manchester on a Sketchcrawl.

If you’ve not heard of this before, a Sketchcrawl is where a group of artists meet up and draw. Usually on location and usually for a few hours, perhaps even for the whole day. Several different locations are used and participants can draw, sketch or paint however and whatever they want to do. At the end of the time the group usually meets up and we share sketchbooks. Actually we share sketchbooks and ideas and try each others’ materials as well.

It’s a fabulous way to spend a day, or part thereof. A wonderful opportunity to make new friends and learn from masters in their craft.

For example, Urban Sketchers Yorkshire boasts two noteworthy artists;

Lynne Chapman, is a children’s book writer and illustrator, and produces wonderful pencil sketches of people and scenes.

Andrea Joseph, produces the most intricately detailed drawings using biro’s as her main medium.

If you enjoy sketching, or drawing, or painting check out your favourite search engine for a local Sketchcrawl group

or check out the main Sketchcrawl website.

or the Urban Sketchers

All levels of ability are welcomed and you’re sure to make good friends, learn some new techniques and look odd standing on a street corner drawing or painting.

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Thank you


Weatherspoons – Deconstructing a burger

I must have looWeatherspoons - burger smked extremely odd eating this burger. Well, I didn’t so much eat the burger, as pull it apart and eat it.

First I pulled off the toasted bun lid (Is that the correct term, do you suppose?) and, holding it up in front of my face, drew it.

Then, I delicately pulled out the onion rings, which were in danger of coalescing with the rest of the burger and drew those.

Then the bacon, the burger bun, the salad and the bun base.

I normally feel pretty self-conscious drawing my meal on it’s plate, never mind pulling the meal apart and holding each piece for inspection.

I do love deconstructed drawings though and burgers do offer a variety of ingredients.

I tried to make it appear that the ingredients are tumbling into their bun.

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Thank you 🙂

Lightwater Valley – Ultimate Burger

Hmm. Theme Parks – take or picnic or buy food in the park. Discuss.

Lightwater Valley - Ultimate Burger smIt’s always a risk, because there are some particularly dire cafes and restaurants in some theme parks. Well, they’ve got you over a barrel, for a start. Where else are you going to go? Out of the park, and leave all the fun behind? I don’t think so!

We had a fun day out a a little theme park called Lightwater Valley, in the north of England. Caroline, Lucy and I had fun on the rides – but we were going to risk it for lunch.

The main restaurant area, that we found, had the usual potatoes, pizzas and fish and chips. But, I’m afraid I fancied a burger, or at least wanted to look at the burger options ; which were elsewhere in the park.

So I had to wander up the path a little to get to The Conservatory where the burger restaurant was located.

Massive queue.

In a conservatory. In the heat.

But the burgers didn’t look half bad.

After queueing for a little time I picked THE ULTIMATE BURGER. And whilst it wasn’t particularly Ultimate, it was particularly tasty.

Now, I know that burgers are wrong in all kinds of ways … but … sometimes. It just has to happen.

And, hey! If your going to drift to the dark side, one at least needs to feel a little satisfied that it was a justifiable choice. At least in terms of the tastes and flavours.