Pizza Express – A new twist

Pizza Express - Pizza smSometimes I get obsessed with trying make my meal illustrations too quirky; with dishes cut off at the edges of the page, or drawn at different angles. So, here I started with the Bruschetta, cut off at the edge and then my pizza main course I have arranged firmly in the centre of the page.

There’s something to be said for framing the food in this way, drawing the whole, rather than a part, of a dish.

Certainly the pizza image here would look comfortable within a restaurant’s menu listing, or signage.

This was part of a lovely day in Bournemouth, last summer; lunch at Pizza Express, pottering around town and finishing up at the crazy golf course in the park. Then we dropped into an ice-cream parlour on the way back to the car.

I have to say – I simply love Bruschetta served this way; it’s probably the pesto that really tips the balance for me.