Brighouse – Some pubs


The Robin Hood - smallLet’s go back in time to 2011! –

Would I do these building portraits differently now? Probably.

It kinda upset me when this pub closed down – it’s one of the few town pubs with character outside and inside.

Well, not anymore!

It’s also one of the pubs that I sketched totally on site – for this one I sat on a BUSY! roundabout. All the time tensed up about a car or lorry beeping their horn at me and making me jump!

One of the things I truly love about working in ink and watercolour  is the joy of getting things right! in this case I was particularly pleased with the hatching marks on the road.

No pencil! Straight in there with there with the ink pen!


The Star

The Star, ironically, was another pub that I sketched entirely on site.


Both of these picture recall happy memories sitting on  my little stool beside the road.

A I drew this pub, the owner came out and asked if he could have a copy of the illustration.

Once I ‘d finished with the illustration in the exhibition – There was a new owner who wasn’t interested … and now there isn’t any owner at all


Anchor Bridge – Brighouse

anchor bridge smOne of my favourite bridges in my local town of Brighouse. I’ve drawn the pub beside it in the past – coincidently also called The Bridge, although I think it was called something else originally.

This view is looking down the canal towards the marina in Brighouse and I was positioned on the footpath/cycle-path which was part of my cycling route to work.

Days when you can cycle to work along the canal towpath for the majority of the journey, cycling past the morning traffic jams! – surely must rank pretty highly on the ‘living the life’ list – passing ducks and squirrels on the way to work; what could be better?

Brighouse – Commercial Street (west)

A bit of a change of pace today (I’ll fill you in properly tomorrow – but it’s certainly exciting news 🙂

A couple of years ago I had a little exhibition in the local town. Most of my drawings were urban sketches of pubs and inns.

But, stumbling across a massive (240mm x 680mm!) watercolour pad whilst on holiday set me off producing a series of four ‘widescreen’ views of some main streets around Brighouse, Yorkshire.

Brighouse1 smInitially I was going to shade and colour these. But as i fill in the horizontal lines I began to fall in love with the wire frame effect of the buildings and street lights.