Old Gate – Eggs Benedict

Old Gate - Eggs benedict smWhat better for a leisurely breakfast?


Eggs Benedict and the Sunday Papers


At Old gate the hollandaise sauce was served in a little, teeny-tiny pan, so that I could pour over as much, or as little, as I wanted.

Sketchcrawl breakfast

I could tell that there were new sketchcrawlers this morning.


Pride of the Peaks - Breakfast sm“It’ll go cold while you’re drawing it” – I was advised.

and yup!

It did go cold … but I did chow down as I drew.



So … outlines first …


IMG_6965Then I start to add colour (When I work live I tend to detail specific areas – so they can be locked and completed …. and eaten – please note – there is only one sausage left in these photos; once I’d drawn it in and shaded I ate:)


Continue to add texture (and continue to eat the sausages … 🙂


IMG_6968… and the toast (which barely appears on the drawing anyway) and the beans at the far right …


IMG_6969… and finished



Breakfast in Cyprus and fried eggs

This is an older food illustration – holidaying in Cyprus – sat outside on the verandah having breakfast.


Ah, Sunnyside up – my preferred serving of egg.

Now, I understand the phrase ‘Sunnyside up’ as opposed to ‘Sunnyside down’. But, I do prefer my fried to be runny too. How does that fit into the description?

‘Runny, Sunnyside up’?

‘Sunnyside up, soft’?

Trust me – there’s a fine art to the fried egg. Egg white cooked through and egg yolk still runny.

Perfect for that Bacon, Sausage and Egg sandwich; so the egg ‘pops’ as you bite into the sandwich and the yolk runs through and drips out. Leaving a yolk-y puddle to mop up. Yum!

True Story Time

When I was growing up my mum was always a rather impatient cook.

She would fry eggs on a hig heat, to get it over and done with as fast as possible; resulting in a fried egg that was both burnt and raw. At the same time! Burnt underneath and egg white still transparent on top.
Cafe Roxanne - Breakfast sm

Ye Merrie England – Breakfast

Merrie England - breakfast smWhen you’re growing up you get used to certain things. And assume, understandably, that everyone is familiar with those things.

For instance, at the moment I’m drawing a a spread about popular biscuits. This would probably be pretty unfamiliar to anyone not from the United Kingdom, although American imports, such as Oreo Cookies are invading our shelves, I’ve tried to keep the illustration to traditional British biccies.


Merrie England -is a set of local teashops. Now when I say local, I really do mean local. There are about eight or so of these cafes and they’re all localised around Huddersfield. It wasn’t until I travelled further afield, as I grew older, that I realised that Ye Merrie England was only a Huddersfield delight.

Picture, if you will, a café decorated in a mock Tudor style. The outer walls clad in beams with diamond-leaded windows. Inside the interior continues with wood panelling and more beams in dark wood. Fleur-de-Lis banners and rampant lion pennants hang from the ceiling, perhaps a suit of armour in the corner and

Now, I hasten to add that they have a bit of a make-over in recent years and are looking a little more modern, but have still pretty much retained the quasi-Tudor look.

The atmosphere is nice and friendly and there are clearly lots of regulars strolling in for breakfast.

I woke up to a breakfast roll and a nice cup of tea.

Bacon, sausage and a runny fried egg.

It must be a runny fired egg in a sandwich – ready to pop once I bite into it and then run round the bacon and sausage. Hopefully dripping onto my plate, so I can mop up the egg yolk with my sandwich.


Cafe Whiteleys – Breakfast

In preparation for my breakfast this morning I’m posting this older breakfast.

Now I have to admit I don’t drink an awful lot of coffee at all nowadays. Okay, okay, you got me there! I don’t drink coffee at all anymore, and I drink tea like there’s no tomorrow.

But, anyhoo … Lovely slap-up breakfast – a full english, I think. Or, would it need black pudding to be a full english? Yes, I think it would.

Black Pudding, a fried tomato and a pipe.

And a red telephone box.


Cafe Whiteleys - Breakfast sm

Thursday – breakfast

06 - Cafe Royal - Breakfast sm

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any more of my holiday meals from last October (A week in Cyprus, thank you very much 🙂 Where I drew every meal (apart from one!

So, here is the breakfast that I had on the Thursday.

Now, I don’t usually do breakfasts when I’m away on holiday. Wandering down to the Cade Royale for a bite to eat just didn’t do anything for me. I’d sit and stare at the other lucky vacationers, piling the plates with the usual breakfast suspects –  but the idea of eating at breakfast time just turns my stomach. Normally I’d be well up for something to eat; bacon, sausages, waffles. Yum! But for some reason, when I’m on holiday I just can’t face it. By this time (about five days into the holiday) I was managing to stomach more than just a cup of tea.

Tuesday in Cyprus

For breakfast I thought I’d try a  it bit more of a minimalist style. Especially as this was the first morning I’d felt like anything for substantial than tea! I just wanted to tuck in!

Then we set off into town. Lucy wanted to check out some of the shops ….

…. so after quite a while (Whilst Lucy desperately tried to spend the Euros which were burning a hole in her pocket) We stopped off for a late morning drink.

After we’d gone round the roman mosiacs and the archaeological dig it was time for lunch.

And I had a first! The owner of the restaurant was so impressed with my speedy drawing that she waved the charge on our drinks when it came to settle the bill! That’s never happened before! I wonder how many more restaurant drawings I need to do before I get the whole meal for free?

I’d had such a lovely day out – it was frustrating to be reminded of other people offloading their preconceptions of what is acceptable behaviour at the dining table :/

But, you know what? I don’t think I do care what other people think! I’m enjoying drawing my food!!

Monday in Cyprus

Yeh, I went from a devout coffee drinker to out and out tea drinker in the spece of four days (Well, four days and 1 virus).

For lunch I wandered across the road to the sandwich shop in the little shopping mall.

Our evening meal at the hotel was a Mexican themed buffet… and extra chillies in the salad selection …

Sunday in Cyprus

It usually takes me a bit of time to relax into any holiday, even when I’m around drawing. Actually, focussing on the meals I was eating, also forced me to relax into things a bit quicker than usual. But mornings I still find difficult when I’m holiday. Especially when it’s a large buffet room. I always that kind of breakfast difficult to face in a morning.

Oh, my! Halloumi cheese and Lountza ham! What a fantastic combination!
I’ve been a fan of the ham/cheese combination in a sandwich; but grilled Halloumi and the marinated Lountza ham, combined with the toasted pitta! Oh, for goodness sake! Fan-tast-ic!

 You may, or may not be, aware that I LOVE SUSHI. So the chance to go ans have japanese cuisine was too much to pass up! The only problem was that the the restaurant was pitched outside, and the lighting was a bit dim, so it was a bit difficult to see! Plus it was a restaurant meal out with my family! So I was under pressure to draw and eat in pace with everyone else. (In other words normal eaters!!!) I snapped a few photos on my iphone to refer to later, but managed to complete my drawing before we left the table. 🙂

 Later in the evening I snuck off to the bar. To catch up on some of my drawing notes and to look forward to the week ahead! 🙂

Cyprus Here I come!

An early start to our holiday.
We’re heading for Cyprus for a week. I usually have an alcaholic drink during the flight (I can get a bit anxious during the flight and it helps me relax a bit) But half past nine in the morning seemed a little bit early to have a drink! I draw a line at early morning drinking.

Wow! I really LOVE airline food! All that neat packaging, it’s a bit like getting a birthday present to unwrap 🙂

The best part was trying to juggle my airline breakfast and it’s packaging, my paints and my sketchbook onto the teeny tiny flip down tray. Oh, and having a wriggling 9-year old next to me didn’t help much either!