Setting myself up for the day


Macdonalds Breakfast smSometimes I just feel like a hot chocolate for breakfast!
I’m not quite sure where I picked this delicious breakfast meal up from; but the hot chocolate was delicious!

{open brackets}

Now, I’m not keen on bread at the moment, so I actually stripped the muffin-thing back to just the egg and sausagegy-ness and one of my work colleagues pinched the hash brown

{close brackets}

I’m not totally against fast food, but some of the bits I can really do without.

Something Fishy

Smoked haddock smFor my first (hearty) breakfast at Beck Hall, Malham, I had a full English breakfast and thought I’d branch off into other areas of the breakfast menu today.

One of the really cool things about staying over at hotels and guest houses – or bed and breakfasts is that someone prepare’s your breakfast for you, yes. That is so cool when the sleep is still getting rubbed from your eyes.


Even better when there are items listed on the breakfast menu that you wouldn’t dream of trying to tackle usually at home for breakfast.

So I’m treating myself to Smoked Haddock with a poached egg this morning.

I’m not sure how I stand on the whole ‘teaching fish to smoke’ issue. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that it was a problem.

And I think I also feel rather uncomfortable about the egg, too. Couldn’t they have just bought one from a shop?

Buttering up

Kippers smFinal morning of our short visit to Malham and Settle up in the Yorkshire Dales.

I opt for an invigorating breakfast of grilled kipper.

It was served on a huge hunk of granary bread and I managed to snaffle a bit of Caroline’s scrambled egg to add to it.


Going to work on an egg

egg smThis is probably the closest I’ll ever get to joining the army – dunking toasty soldiers into my boiled egg.

Nearly every morning I start my day with some kind of egg-based breakfast. My favourite being fried, should you ask.



The Bivouac – Breakfast

They do say that we should ‘Eat breakfast like a king’.

I don’t think means that breakfast should be taken in full ermine-lined cloak with a crown. Nor do I think it means that breakfast should be eaten whilst on the throne.

The Bivouac - Breakfast smA full, protein-rich breakfast can set you up for the rest of the day.

And when it’s taken in such lovely surroundings as these – it’s such a lovely, luxurious treat.

Throw in a bunch of good friends –  and life couldn’t be better.

Premier Inn – Breakfast

As Lucy has grown up we’ve always made a point of visiting London on a fairly regular basis; at least three times a year.

Premiere inn - breakfast 2 smUsually it’s been a pretty good excuse to go to the theatre (Lucy and Caro are pretty much the Musical nuts of the family. Me? I much prefer older, more traditional musicals, rather the modern slew)

I feel I’ve got to the point, now, where I don’t really feel a tourist when I’m wandering around. I know my routes to get from The Tate Modern to the lovely art shop behind The British Museum.

This weekend’s visit I was determined to get to know the Seven Dials area a bit better. I only failed in the sense that I got to know one of the pubs a bit better. Ah, well. I’ll have to try again another time, I guess.

Sainsbury’s – Breakfast

Was I comfort eating? I don’t know. I don’t think so.

It just happened to be morning.

Sainsburys - breakfast smAnd I just happened to be feeling a bit low.

So, I grabbed the opportunity to grab a quick breakfast at a local supermarket cafe.


(Please note : Some of my illustrations are examples of my trying to live a low carb/no carb lifestyle. Here we have a case in point: bacon, eggs and mushrooms. I passed on the hash browns and the toast in favour of an extra slice of bacon)


Well, it was yummy until I received an unwelcome text from … well … it wasn’t anyone on the Hollywood ‘A’ list, that’s for sure. Although I wish that they were acting ‘being blunt’.

Sometimes it would be nice to escape and rewind to a simpler time when we weren’t all just a phone call, or a text away.

Still, the cooked breakfast certainly made up for the dismal attitude of some people.