Book Illustration

Tiny islands sm

Now, I realise that I haven’t posted for a little while. But I … well I’ve been a little busy.

Do you forgive me?

I hope so.

I’ve been busy illustrating for a book.

NOT the book illustrated here, I hasten to add – this book is by the same publishers and is the same size and page count.

Can you guess what the book is to be about?

Food, of course! Whoop, whoop! So lots of lovely illustrations of foods and pots and pans and what-not.


It’s super-exciting to be illustrating a real life book.

I guess the book is kind of in the same series as ‘Little Island’ in that it features iconic specialities from around the country; a gazetteer of local treats to look out for.

(One to keep in the car, then! Ready for those trips out and about)


“Everyday Matters” by Danny Gregory

Danny Gregory’s moving and inspiring account of his wife’s accident and his own coming to terms with her paralysis through creativity.


Danny’s account is, in turns, heartbreaking and heartwarming. Through his touching words and illustrated with his drawings and journal notes of the time he takes us with him on his inspirational journey of discovery.

He finds new meaning in the daily life around him and their place in it, as he teaches himself to draw and connect with a world which suddenly makes no sense.

I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to reconnect with their own creativity.


120 pages

“An Illustrated Life” by Danny Gregory

Summer 2009 – as I was browsing in the art section of a local book shop I came across Danny Gregory’s latest book. I have always considered myself a keen sketcher, but had lapsed. Lapsed into occasionally taking my sketchpad and pencils away when we went on holiday, and even then perhaps only using them once or twice.

‘An illustrated Life’ was a revelation; here were artists and creatives who were sketching every day, using a sketchpad like a doodle book, keeping a record of anything and everything. Drawing life around them, using whatever materials they wanted.

… and I recognised something in Danny Gregory’s style, something familiar. I remember sitting in the bookshop pouring over Danny’s introduction, pouring over the examples of his drawing and saying to myself that his style seemed similar to my own.

I fell in love with the idea of keeping a sketchbook journal.

I bought the book. Even though I hadn’t bought an art book in years and quickly ordered a couple more books by Danny Gregory…

There are 50 artists profiled here. They each have about four to six pages in which we see multiple pages from their sketchbooks and journals. We also  find out about why they draw, what materials they prefer and something of their philosophy too.

In addition to the book  – At the time Danny interviews several of the contributors and released them as podcasts. As far as I’m aware these are no longer available on iTunes, but they may be lurking around somewhere on the internet.


266 pages