The Pink Lady of Bamburgh

04 Pink smI recently had to illustrate a ghostly tale for a magazine.


The tale of the Pink Lady of Bamburgh Castle, in Northumberland.

The story goes that long ago this ghost was a Northumbrian princess.

She fell in love with a boy, whom her father disapproved of; so sent him overseas for seven years. Forbidding the two to keep in touch in any way.

The girl became more and more downhearted at this separation and in a final attempt to resolve the issue, her father told her that his spies had discovered that the boy had married someone else whilst stationed abroad and that, to cheer her up after this news, the castle seamstress would fashion a dress in the girl’s favourite colour; pink.

The girl dressed in her new garment, climbed to the highest part of the castle’s battlements and flung herself down onto the rocks below.

A little while later the boy returned from his station abroad. Unmarried, of course.

Every seven years the process, in her beautiful pink gown is supposed to wander the oldest parts of the castle, before gliding down the rocky path to the beach, where she mournfully gazes out to sea. Awaiting the return of her lost love.

Blackett’s of Bamburgh – Our evening meal

Blacketts - pork belly smOur final evening in Bamburgh.

I always adore the luxury of being on holiday when one can stroll down the road for a delicious meal at a local restaurant. Being able to walk down the road in the evening twilight and not worrying about parking the car or about missing a connecting train or bus.

Bamburgh is such a lovely Northumberland village. Castle, local history museum, shops selling local produce, village green. And not much else (Hey, I don’t want to make too much of it, or else, you’ll all want to come!) But, then, we love Northumberland as a county. It seems to tick all the boxes for what you expect of the English countryside; wide sandy beaches, little villages, quaint cafes, fabulous castles.

We’ve had a lovely few days here – so much fun breakfasting on local produce and wandering the castle walls.

My starter here was particularly tasty; Black pudding topped with mushroom and a dollop of goats cheese. Swimming in a sweet, rum sauce. Wow!