I scream. You scream. We all scream for Ice-cream!

June’s magazine spread was all about ice-cream.

My heart sank a little. For while I enjoy food; trying new flavours and combinations. There are some foods which I have fallen out of love with, and one of those is ice-cream.

Sure I enjoy making ice-cream still (Malted, chocolate chip, if you must know!), but eating ice-cream is something I’ve kind of stopped doing …
So, for the magazine I knew that some illustrations of ice-creams were a given, but what else?

First of all I looked at the beginning of the process; the cow.

As part of my research I headed up to the local dairy ice-cream parlour; to catch some of the dairy cows used to create the ice-cream and also to get some pictures of ice-creams.

So here we have a lovely Holstein-Freisian traditional cow-style cow.

I rather liked the drawing I did, as it appeared a lot smoother than a real cow and ended up looking like a model cow, like the ones located around Milton Keynes.

Next – I thought it might be handy to have a cut-out-and-keep chart for dairy cattle.

When the magazine requests beef again I’ll sort out a chart for beef cattle.




When we arrived at the ice-cream parlour Caroline and Lucy immediately dashed off and began ordering ice-creams! I was a little more laboured in my buying; trying to weigh up different colours and flavours, combined with the different kinds of cones.

In the course of my research I discovered a love of … banana flavoured ice-cream.









Of course I had to work from photographs for this assignment, which I don’t really enjoy doing, but at least they would be my own photographs, which always feels better; as I can choose my own angles and details.

My illustration was a combination of several different ice-creams, for which I swapped and changed cones and colours to suit the drawing. At least two of the drawings were made from the same ice-cream from a different angle.

… and then topped off with a Cadbury’s flake.