“Pitch Up, Eat Local” Official Book Launch – eek!

Pitch Up Eat Local sm

Heading down to Castle Cary for the official launch of Ali Ray’s new book “Pitch Up, Eat Local”

It looks like we’ve got a lovely drive in the sunshine down from Yorkshire to Somerset.

I’ve never been to a book launch before, not have I met Ali – so, an all round exciting day, then! I’ve been illustrating her articles for about three years and we’ve chatted via email and messenger, so it’s going to be fab to meet her in person.

And to watch her in action – whipping up some recipes.

Oh! I nearly forgot! I’ll get to meet her famous camper van, Custard, too. Maybe I’ll be able to sneak in a quick sketch of it too.



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“Pitch Up, Eat Local” by Ali Ray

IMG_7590 copyWell, May the 1st is finally here!

And with it a book is now available to buy. A book with my drawings in it!

How cool is that!

Now, before you all rush out to buy yourselves a copy – you need to know that it’s a fairy hefty book at 380pages and my drawings are quite wee, little things. Well, in the book they are! I drew at about A5 size.

Basically it’s a gazetteer of England, Scotland and Wales. A gazetteer of the best bits of local produce. So there are sections on Cornish Clotted Cream and the Rhubarb triangle in Yorkshire.

It is divided up into 50 regions of the country

Then, each section focusses on a specific regional food

Local farm shops

and then a recipe or two.

All the recipes can be prepared on a BBQ, or on a portable gas stove.

IMG_7591 IMG_7593 IMG_7594It’s been a real roller-coaster of an experience, from my point of view, too.

From initial phone calls last summer, to meeting up with the lovely people at The AA, to receiving a list of fifty things to draw and then powering through them.

Fab, fab, fab.

If you have a major cookery book in the pipeline and you’d like a friendly illustrator to work on adding a little quirk to the drawings … erm … here I am.