All new 50 Shades of Grape merchandise

Heheh! Like that’s a thing!

IMG_8278Okay – so, as well as the audacious 50 Shades of Grape card – there is now a 50 Shades of Grape tea towel  – for all those awkward kitchen spills, oh! and for drying your kitchen sundries.

Pictured here with a cheeky glass of red wine (not included). These are printed on Premium cotton and her super absorbent.

They are a generous 78cms x 48cms and hemmed along the two longer sides.


IMG_8274Also available as a combo item with the card for that wonderful gift to your wine-soaked friend.

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50 Shades of Grape



Finally, I ‘ve unleashed my ’50 Shades of Grape’ card on the world.

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50 grapes in … yes, yes, I know there aren’t exactly fifty shades … but it was too funny a gag to let go of!

50 grapes in various (!) shades.

Perfect for the wine connoisseur, or the wino, in your life.

Ooh, and, coming soon! ’50 Shades of Grape’ the tea towel – perfect for rubbing down and soaking up those spills.