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mob: 07563 556257


9 Comments on “Contact Me”

  1. andreia says:


    I found your blog through and loved your drawings. Just want to let you know that I’ve included you in my blogroll. If you’re not comfortable with this, I will remove it.


  2. Hi, thank you for posting up a link from your blog 🙂 (Sigh! I wish I could control line and shade as well as Andrea does! )


  3. andreia says:

    Well, I think your watercolor job is awesome. Somewhat whimsical.


  4. Thank you; I try to make subjects look a bit quirky.


  5. Barbara McNally says:

    Really like your urban sketching,just up my street! have you seen Stephen Chaplin’s concertina books at The Stanley and Audrey Burton gallery in Leeds? They have a collection of 30 years of his books which are really exquisite.thank you for your web site and useful links. Barbara


  6. Thank you, Barbara, I’ve not been to the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery yet; I’ll have to try to get over there sometime. I’m glad the links are useful to you 🙂


  7. The Foodie says:

    amazing work Matthew!love your drawing style very much!keep it up;)


  8. Gerry says:

    just to say i was inspired to draw again and keep a journal by Danny , but have found
    your illustrations a fantastic example and inspiration as well
    thanks so much for sharing


  9. Thanks, Gerry. It’s good to hear that Danny has inspired you draw again. Have you read “The Creative License” – it’s got tons of advice and tips about journaling and drawing. Thank you for your kind words about my drawings 🙂


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