The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

No paints allowed inside The Hepworth, so I went straight outside to draw the entrance.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Sketchcrawl

10 September – Had a lovely day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – the first Sketchcrawl I’ve managed to make it to, and what a lovely day. It started out quite overcast and threatening to rain, but the grey clouds blew away and we were left alone to sketch in glorious sunshine.

Good fun meeting two artists whom I admire; Lynne Chapman and Andrea Joseph and having the opportunity to see their work first hand, as well as talk sketching pens and colour washes with other keen sketchers.

Edinburgh Castle

Caroline had some work to do up in Edinburgh, so Lucy and I tagged along and hung out at the book festival and the Fringe. We didn’t get to any of the shows, but Lucy and I enjoyed watching street entertainers. If we have a chance to go next year we’ll definitely book some shows though.

The Eiffel Tower

Unbeknownst to me Caroline and Lucy had climbed to the second level by this time and took a photo of the park below, where I was sketching. A lovely warm day.

La Tour Eiffel

Caroline and Lucy wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower, so I waited at the bottom whilst they queued.

Notre Dame de Paris

Last week, whilst on holiday, we popped into Paris for a day.

Caroline and Lucy took a boat ride on the Seine to see the sites of the City, whilst I took the metro to sketch Notre Dame Cathedral in the sunshine.

I’d toyed with trying to sketch from the side, so that I could capture the flying buttresses, but instead opted to join the throng of people bustling about in the square in front; meeting old friends, taking photographs and just chilling in the lovely weather.

I sat next to a french gentleman who seemed interested in my drawing. He chatted with me every so often about my drawing and eventually explained that he had a blog of pastel drawings. Check out his photographs and pastel drawings here:

What an awe-inspiring building; incredibly detailed Gothic architecture. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to pack all the detail in. I decided to exaggerate reality and make my drawing more personal and quirky.

Disneyland, Paris

We’ve spent the last week at Disneyland , Paris.

I had intended on drawing some of the rides in the park, but found the rides either too sprawling, or busy to produce an effective composition. Plus, it was nice to get away and ride!

We had tea with characters, lunch with princesses and a meal in the Blue Lagoon restaurant, which is part of the Pirates of the Carribean ride. Oh, and a lot of queuing for character autographs! So, along with Lucy, my current sketchbook has autographs of some of the favourite Disney characters.

It was good to step out of the hubbub for an hour or so to scribble down a view of the iconic Sleeping Beauty castle.

The Hepworth, Wakefield

Popped over to the new Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield this morning.

I was very impressed with David Chipperfield’s Modern European bulding; like a collection of oversized boxes mashed together.It’s refreshing to see such an architectural building outside the big city.

Inside is light and space.

The galleries show off a lot of Barbara Hepworth pieces, as well as models and tools.

I sat and drew a few sculptures and models and furtively painted.

Lucy’s Cutlery

Lucy has used this set of miniature cutlery for years and is beginning to use regular cutlery instead.

It’s nearly time to retire these and that makes me a little sad inside. It’s a fun set and mealtimes will be a little less funky without them.

Home, sweet, home

It’s been a pretty mixed day for weather today. Heck, we even had hailstones this morning! I managed to catch a few moments between the wind and the rain to sketch out home.

It all looks pretty lush and green (you can attribute that to the spring showers!).

Don’t be fooled though, this was sketched from the opposite side of the road, the busy main road that runs right outside our door. No quiet cul-de-sac for us. The road is pretty busy all the time and can even be jammed up some mornings with busy commuters.

The back of the house looks out over the golf course putting green, which is pleasant.