The Imperial War Museum – North

Way back into last month (Well, a couple of weekends ago) the Sketchcrawl North group visited The Imperial War Museum in Salford, Manchester.

And what a curious building it is! Designed by Daniel Libeskind to resemble three shards of a shattered world; here you can see the Earth Shard, lying down, and the Air Shard, pointing up into!

I started with a quick sketch outside to get my bearings, but the rain (ah, the rain!) started to patter down, so I made my way inside.

Oh, boy! Did I love this car! Sometimes as a sketchcrawler I spend more time crawling than sketching, but as soon as I saw this little Trabant I couldn’t set up my stool quick enough. Partly out of excitement at drawing this quirky little vehicle (and hey! I do like quirky), but my speed was mostly due to the hourly sound and light shows that the museum puts on. At which time the museum is plunged into darkness.

So I hunkered down in front of a display case and drew this gun and a mine as I waited for the lights to come back up. An old chap admired my Trabant drawing and excitedly told me about it’s history and the fact that it is made out of paper; which I thought at the time sounded to be a bit far-fetched!

 Well, at a War Museum you just HAVE to draw a tank or a military vehicle of some kind, don’t you? I really wanted to draw a tank and this was the only one on show inside the museum.

During the finally sound and light show blackout I worked in front of another display cabinet to capture this battered Radio Receiver. I liked all the knobs and dials on this device.

Then it was off to the cafe for a late-ish lunch with the rest of the group.

This was the first Sketchcrawl where I’ve had to leave early and I sure missed the end-of-the-day passing round of sketchbooks. But, I think, on the flipside knowing that I only had a short amount of time helped to focus my mind and I felt I got in a good amount of drawing in the time that I was there.

Definitely worth a re-visit.

Sunday morning service

Converted from an old chapel this building is now used for another kind of worship.

My initial drawing of this public house was interrupted…

… it was early one Sunday morning. I was positioned in the sheltered car park opposite the grand facade. The bells for church had only just finished peeling, in fact, when I heard several drunken ‘blokes’ staggering down the street … coming in my direction.

Two passed by, and as they passed turned back to another fellow to shout ‘Hey, Andy, he’s drawing you!’

A few second passed when ‘Andy’ came into view… stopped right in front of me, about two feet away… and dropped his trousers and pants!

And stood there swaying … in the breeze.

He stood there for a few moments, then pulled his clothes back up and staggered off!

(Of course I would have drawn Andy and his ‘tackle’ … but I didn’t have a small enough pen!)

The Telamon

Last year I was frustrated to discover that the power plant I sketched was blocking the view of a wrecked ship.

I was Soooooooo excited about coming back to Lanzarote to draw this wrecked ship!
I walked the 4km from the hotel to the wreck site, to gear myself up.
All the time I drew people were drawing up in their cars to take photographs.
I was frustrated after ten minutes drawing when I realised that in my eagerness to start drawing I’d held my sketchbook at a funny angle, so that sea looks as if it’s listing. But it adds to odd angle of the ship.
Later in the week we were having tapas in a little restaurant and the owner told us that in the summer kids climb up the rope ladder at the side, so that they can climb up on deck and jump into the sea.

Waiting to board our plane to Lanzarote

Waiting at Manchester Airport to board our flight to Lanzarote. I was looking forward to returning; now that I know that there is a shipwreck just out of town from where we were staying – the wreck of the ‘Telamon’, just outside Costa Teguise.

The Chantry Chapel, Wakefield

Another sketch that I started … and then suddenly realised that there was a huge amount of detailed carving in the stonework. Honestly! You’d think that I’d notice these things before sitting down to draw! To be honest I love a challenge. This sketch reminded me in part of Notre Dame Cathedral that I sketched back in May, another tricky, detailed subject.

I may have to hunt out some more ecclesiastical subjects before long.

The Hepworth Gallery – Gallery 6

Felt as if I ought to make an effort to do some drawing inside, although it was beautifully snny outside!

Made my way all the way through the gallery to the final space, Gally 6, and perched myself in the furthest corner; a quick drawing of the interior, with shadow people again – like I did for Hipperholme Golf Club.

The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

No paints allowed inside The Hepworth, so I went straight outside to draw the entrance.