Urban Sketching Symposium 2016

Sad to be leaving Manchester today.

I’ve had a few crazy days of urban sketching. I’ll write more on this when I get back from my break – however – it was fantastic to meet up with old friends, but also to meet up with people I’ve only been in touch with via social media; people I’ve had conversations with, but never met. I also got to meet a load of creatives who I’ve admired for a long time – in fact it’s been so long that they actually knew me and recognised me! Boy, was that amazing! 

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

And everyone was very supportive and friendly.

Now I’m looking forward to the next one – in Chicago! (Mmmm… That might be a bit tricky!)


North Leeds Food Festival

Lucy was doing a Saturday morning course at Leeds University Art Department a few months ago; she really enjoyed experimenting with various art forms and it was a good excuse for Caroline and I to hang out in Leeds for a couple of hours; just enough time to wander into town and grab a cup of tea!

On one of the notice boards there was a poster calling out for volunteers to help illustrate for North Leeds Food Festival. (Facebook Event)

South West - Riverford boxI emailed with my details and now find myself finishing off an illustration for the festival.

Trying to think of a foodie-related thing to tap into people’s feelings about food festivals – especially when they’re focussed on local produce – I figured a ‘fruit and veg box’ would be a good way to go.

Not this particular fruit and veggie box (on the left) as this was one I produced for Ali Ray’s “Pitch Up, Eat Local” cookery book a couple of years ago, for The AA.

So I’ve been working on a fresh box! In fact I only checked out this older drawing as I was completing the Leeds Food Festival illustration; and I think the newer one is a bit more colourful as it includes fruit and vegetables together.


The Pink Lady of Bamburgh

04 Pink smI recently had to illustrate a ghostly tale for a magazine.


The tale of the Pink Lady of Bamburgh Castle, in Northumberland.

The story goes that long ago this ghost was a Northumbrian princess.

She fell in love with a boy, whom her father disapproved of; so sent him overseas for seven years. Forbidding the two to keep in touch in any way.

The girl became more and more downhearted at this separation and in a final attempt to resolve the issue, her father told her that his spies had discovered that the boy had married someone else whilst stationed abroad and that, to cheer her up after this news, the castle seamstress would fashion a dress in the girl’s favourite colour; pink.

The girl dressed in her new garment, climbed to the highest part of the castle’s battlements and flung herself down onto the rocks below.

A little while later the boy returned from his station abroad. Unmarried, of course.

Every seven years the process, in her beautiful pink gown is supposed to wander the oldest parts of the castle, before gliding down the rocky path to the beach, where she mournfully gazes out to sea. Awaiting the return of her lost love.

Day 1

At the moment these three boxes are hanging around me all the time.

Three A5 jewellery boxes that contain A5 pages of three booklets that I’m working on. Number 2 is just about completed.

#the100dayproject, #notfood
Day 01 sm

The 100 Day Project

13051746_938988112886750_811150003194292378_nThe 100 Days Project

via instagram – starts today – The 19th April.

I’m wondering about starting it – 100 … drawings of NOT food – just to prove that I’m not a one-trick pony

A bit of finishing up

kimchee a smI’ve nearly finished this drawing of a meal I had out in London – at a fast food Korean takeaway eaterie.

I’m nearly, nearly happy with it. But, I think I just need to do a little more touching up on it – just to add a little more depth.

No more waiting for Sketchbook Skool

A little bit of fun for Sketchbook Skool

IMG_3310I’m just about finished tinkering with the giveaway thingy for my Sketchbook Skool week. I really feel it ought to be called Phun with Phood, or something.

It’s a set of cards to mix things up a bit when you’re drawing a meal out; so you can vary where on the page you’re going to work, What twist you’re going to focus on and whether the location is going to have an impact on your drawing.

During my week on Sketchbook Skool, they’ll be available to download as a PDF document.


Alternatively I’ll make them available to buy on my Etsy site; not just yet, though – I don’t want any Sketchbook Skoolers accidentally ordering a set of pre-printed luxury cards before term starts!

I’m also working on a series of booklets to accompany each set of cards; with some hints and tips and random thoughts based around each idea; I’m currently finishing off the Focus book and am about to start work on the Location book. They’ve been immense fun (sorry, phun) to put together and I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you.

Join me and Sketchbook Skool and sign up for Polishing now!