Colour me impressed

Lunch at a Bistro pub in Hebden Bridge – delicious food and a warm and cosy atmosphere.

I stumbled across the website Color Hunt the other day –

With thousands of free colour palettes, under a range of categories.

Each of the palettes has a range of 4 colours within the theme and there are a multitude of palettes for each theme.


Nearly time to pick up another one of these babes.


We had a lovely meal out at Engine, in Sowerby Bridge – tapas with some twists. Generous portions and a fantastic atmosphere.


As a lover of pepperoni pizza, Ask is pretty much the only popular Italian restaurant, here in the UK, with a pepperoni pizza that gets me all hot – in both ways! I thought I’d try the gluten-free base for a change here.

And I loved the wine glasses – a high centre of gravity isn’t always something I look for in a wine glass, but this felt quite sturdy.

A Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea

Both Caroline and myself are sad that this little gem of a tearoom no longer exists. We had already had a regular afternoon tea there a few ago, when I was given vouchers for a second visit.

I chose to have the Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea, which comprised of pork pies and Yorkshire puddings in the savoury section, whilst Caroline had the usual selection of finger sandwiches (little sandwiches, not sandwiches containing fingers)

Another blast from the past

This gorgeous cafe – The Cafe Restaurant at the Plaza – is in Stockport in the refurbished Plaza cinema and theatre. It’s a fabulous 1920s building and when I say refurbished, I mean back to former glory days. The cafe was equally like stepping back in time, probably why I opted for a Waldorf Salad (Although I think that they’d run out of waldorfs, as I didn’t have any in mine!). My tea was one of the cafes own blends; a Raspberry and Lemongrass infusion – which I would have loved to have bought some to take away with me.


13_orlandos sm

We’ve been to this crazy Italian Restaurant a couple of times, now. Fabulous food surrounded by crazy signs and notices and waiters who do table magic and jokes.

Digital Me

Well, I’ve taken a leap – and for me, a pretty huge one! After years of working purely in sketchbooks, I’ve started working digitally.

I’ve written before about finding it harder and harder to see my own drawing work close up, and I haven’t been posting, well, because my drawing work kind of dried up. I hadn’t considered moving to digital work because I’d always avoided working on my drawings to tidy them up or to tinker with them. But, given the choice between not drawing anymore and learning to work in a new medium, well, there wasn’t much of a choice.

PieThis Pork Pie, from my last post, was my first experiment; laying down colour first, with watercolour. Then Scanning and adding line work using Procreate on the iPad.





10_gressingham sm


This is where I’ve got to, now – using line work, from a sketchbook (As an Alpha level) and using the iPad to colour above and below.

Christmas Cards A-Go-Go

So, with a distinctly sprouty feel – I present my Christmas cards – all shiny and new and ready for boiling for 5-10 minutes.

Seven sprout-laden cards for your Christmas dinner delight.

Check them out at my Etsy site.


Christmas Card Designs 2016

Well, that’s my Christmas Cards designed for this year.

dJust need to get them sent off to be printed.



I’ve gone for a sprout theme