The Sketchbook Project 2015

Sletchbook Project 2015 smI’m nothing if not persistent.

My little sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 2015 arrived today.

And how delighted am I?

This year!

This year I going to finally complete the darned thing and be able to send it back so it can go on a darned tour!

You see, this is the fourth year in a row that I’ve received a Sketchbook Project sketchbook  and for three of those years the sketchbook has sat, unfulfilled.

Well, that’s not actually, entirely true …

The Sketchbook Project

This fascinating project is run out of the Brooklyn Art Library. Since 2006 thousands of artists from all over the world have joined in, submitting little sketchbooks for an annual world tour.

Little sketchbooks full of all manner of illustration, painting, collage and what not.

sketchbook projectAll apart from mine, which have sat on my bookshelf.

I came across this exciting project in 2011 and joined the upcoming 2012 Sketchbook Project.

I even wrote about it on this here blog – all excited-like.

My overly ambitious project was to sketch places in Yorkshire of significance to myself and write a little about them.

Ambitious because Yorkshire is one of the biggest counties in England. Okay, okay, I know it’s not like driving across Texas, or the Russian Steppes, but it can sometimes be tricky to fit county tours in with work and visiting relatives.

So I failed to complete my little book.

Sketchbook Project 2012 smI did get close to completing several of the pictures, but when it began to be obvious that I wouldn’t be able to complete them all in time for the deadline I kind of lost heart.

One of the things I noticed about the project was the sense of letting go.

Quite often our sketchbooks are very precious things. Now, I’m not so precious that people have to wear silk gloves when handling them, nor do they have to wash their hands before turning the page. but I do draw the line at licking the pages.

Anyway, I digress. A couple of years ago I bought Keri Smith’s wonderful book “Wreck this Journal”; which is all about ‘letting go’. Sketching and drawing and creating art … and then destroying and/or damaging it as you go along. Very counter-intuitive, but a wonderful, freeing lesson.

Sketchbook Project 2012 brighouse sm

Brighouse – which is a little market town close to where I live.

I think I’m in a much better position to work on and complete my Sketchbook Project book this time.

(Either that or I can epically fail once again!)



“Urban Watercolor Sketching” by Felix Scheinberger

This book is such a treat!

Urban Watercolor Sketching smAlex Scheinberger approaches sketching with such energy and vibrancy that it’s hard not to get carried along on a journey through rediscovering drawing and painting in an exhilarating and refreshing way.

Essentially the book is Alex’s take on various aspects of water colouring. While it doesn’t particular cover anything groundbreaking, the way Alex approaches the various ideas are exciting and fresh.

It is a delightful book, packed with all manner of dazzlingly coloured sketches.

The book is divided into sections which consist of about ten or so chapters


Intro – Looks at the basics of paint; what it is

First attempts – Covers various techniques with paints and inks

Excursion in colour theory – Looks at where colours come from and how the watercolorist can manipulate them in various ways

Your own style – How to find your own style

Basics/tools – Looks at the various tools needed to Urban Sketch

Out and about – How to Urban Sketch in different atmospheric and weather conditions

Tips and tricks – A whole slew of practical tips. from how to ‘Undo’ mistakes, to ‘How much is your picture worth?’, to ‘Working with colored paper’

Urban Watercolor Sketching 01 Urban Watercolor Sketching 02

I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone interested in sketching and painting from life.

154 pages