A Holiday Card

Last year Lucy went on holiday with her Momma and Poppa to Gloucestershire and sent us this postcard from a visit to Snowshill Manor.

Charles Wade spent his live collecting; everyday and extraordinary objects from across the globe. He bought objects because of their colour, craftsmanship and design and restoring the house to keep them in.

The house is packed to the rafters with 22,000 or so unusual objects – from tiny toys to splendid suits of Samurai armour.

The hardest part of this piece was copying Lucy’s handwriting (and mis-spelling!)

“I have been in to Snowshill Manor and garden. The picture is of the house. I would like to live in the house, without the collection, with my family”

4 x 6 Exchange Project

I recieved my Arthouse Exchange pieces in the mail today.

Just to recap … a short while ago I submitted two pieces of 4 x 6 artwork to The Arthouse Co-op

along with two stamped, self-addressed envelopes.

“Bananadrama” went to Julia Gill.


“Peary Tale” went to a group of three sisters at Bright Side Designs.

Arthouse Co-op, in return have sent me two lovely pieces submitted by other artists;

The first by Kurtina Cook. I wish I could work in a more abstract mode sometimes. I love the starkness of the black and white.

and the other, which is neat little watercolour sketch, by Beth Parker. Beth’s painting has me wondering whether it was painted from life – I’m curious about those figures on the shoreline.

Brighouse and Beyond exhibition

It’s exciting having some of my work featured in the latest ‘What’s On in the local area’ booklet. Details about the exhibition that I am taking part in in September.

I’m focusing on pubs, public houses, in the local town of Brighouse, a small, urban market town in West Yorkshire.

If you’re around in Brighouse sometime in October pop in to the Smith Art Gallery, which is located in the town library.