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Tomato me sm

The week that I decided to devote a sketchbook solely to meals eaten out we were heading up to Scotland, Edinburgh in fact, for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The first meal I drew out was at a pizza restaurant chain.
I was still in my early stages of drawing my meals and was constraining myself to illustrate the whole meal within the timeframe of the meal; I was out with my family and therefore my time limit for completing my illustration was the time it took for us to complete our meal.
Caroline and Lucy were not taking their time.

“Excuse me, could I take your photograph?”
“I’ve never seen anyone drawing their food before.”

Edinburgh - Prezzo sm2Since then I’ve drawn many, many meals out; with family and friends, of course. New acquaintances and reforming old acquaintances. There have been challenges and bets. Meals out at parties and there have been meals out on my own.
After leaving High School – I knew I enjoyed drawing, but it’s not a real job, is it? And so I woke up a few years later to find myself stood at the front of a classroom, teaching. My sketchbooks and paints left in a drawer whilst I busied myself being a grownup.

And then I picked up a pen again.

A few years ago it began to dawn on me that my happiest times whilst out sketching were when I was out with friends and family.

egg smI’ve been illustrating for Camping and Caravanning Club magazine since January 2012; starting out by illustrating their Eat Local article. Which has articles about sourcing local food.
I’ve also been illustrating a gazetteer of what’s on around the country for the same magazine.

Later on in 2013 I produced illustrations for a local take away restaurant.

Pitch Up Eat LocalLast year I worked on illustrations for an AA book called “Pitch Up, Eat Local”

Through drawing I’ve met some truly wonderful people. I’ve made new friends and got in touch with lost friends.



7 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Hello Matthew
    Super de voir Notre Dame de Paris sur ton Site. J’aime beaucoup ton interprétation. Bravo.
    Cela restera pour moi un très bon souvenir. Et merci de parler de mon blog . C’est vraiment très sympa.
    J’espère que tu comprendras mon français. Je ne suis pas bon du tout en anglais :-))


  2. dosirakbento says:

    Thanks for following me, I hope you enjoy reading about my lunches.
    I love your food drawings, will have another browse around and follow.


  3. David Tudor says:

    Love the food drawings.


  4. Thanks David – I enjoy composing them as I sit and order my food. And then, as the meal progresses so too does the spread of the drawing.


  5. Hey! I love Bento. I’ll have to draw my beloved Bento box, sometime.
    It’s quite a small one – but I love the interchangeable compartments 🙂
    I love opening my box up at lunchtime and getting to treat myself to a little picnic. Yum!


  6. dosirakbento says:

    I have that box as well!

    It’s quite funny that you say it’s small because as the description says its for hungry eaters but I find I can easily fill it up and eat it all! I guess it’s generous compared to other Japanese bento boxes as they can be really tiny!

    I sometimes use this box without or only with one of the compartments.

    Looking forward to see your bento drawing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. certainline says:

    Hello, Matthew. I’ve nominated your blog for a Versatile Blogger award: https://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/about/ I don’t think it’s essential that you follow on but I wanted to show my appreciation for your terrific blog. Fabulous drawings!


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