Digital Me

Well, I’ve taken a leap – and for me, a pretty huge one! After years of working purely in sketchbooks, I’ve started working digitally.

I’ve written before about finding it harder and harder to see my own drawing work close up, and I haven’t been posting, well, because my drawing work kind of dried up. I hadn’t considered moving to digital work because I’d always avoided working on my drawings to tidy them up or to tinker with them. But, given the choice between not drawing anymore and learning to work in a new medium, well, there wasn’t much of a choice.

PieThis Pork Pie, from my last post, was my first experiment; laying down colour first, with watercolour. Then Scanning and adding line work using Procreate on the iPad.





10_gressingham sm


This is where I’ve got to, now – using line work, from a sketchbook (As an Alpha level) and using the iPad to colour above and below.