Ooh! My notebook arrived!

img_5544A couple of weeks ago I brought you up to speed with a little project I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks.
A bit of a crazy notebook thing ..

It all looks pretty normal on the outside.

I’ve enjoyed planning out one or two projects using notebooks and thought it would be quite fun to try to design a notebook that I can use to project plan.

Now, I prefer to use A5 notebooks that I can carry around in my bag and I also prefer to have all the pages numbered, so that I can refer to a specific page for a specific element of the project. So, I knew I wanted at least those elements present.


img_5539img_5540But my approach has been a little topsy-turvy; rather than simply designing a notebook cover and then selecting a style of line for the interior pages, I instead opted for a fish-mash of different paper styles for the interior pages.

So each left-hand page is roughly blank, or at least doesn’t really have lined paper, and the right-hand pages have a selection of different lined papers. But the whole thing is presented as if you’ve already collected this diverse range of different papers and stuffed them into a notebook.

So, every page is a different selection of hand-drawn papers for you to collect your thoughts on.


All the pages are numbered (3-66)

The first page is set out so you can use it as a contents page, if you so wish.

It comes with three stickers – so that you can label the front cover

It’s like some crazy scrapbook of a notebook – that seems to encourage sticking in of found articles and scrapes of additional paper.

Available on my Etsy site