North Leeds Food Festival

Lucy was doing a Saturday morning course at Leeds University Art Department a few months ago; she really enjoyed experimenting with various art forms and it was a good excuse for Caroline and I to hang out in Leeds for a couple of hours; just enough time to wander into town and grab a cup of tea!

On one of the notice boards there was a poster calling out for volunteers to help illustrate for North Leeds Food Festival. (Facebook Event)

South West - Riverford boxI emailed with my details and now find myself finishing off an illustration for the festival.

Trying to think of a foodie-related thing to tap into people’s feelings about food festivals – especially when they’re focussed on local produce – I figured a ‘fruit and veg box’ would be a good way to go.

Not this particular fruit and veggie box (on the left) as this was one I produced for Ali Ray’s “Pitch Up, Eat Local” cookery book a couple of years ago, for The AA.

So I’ve been working on a fresh box! In fact I only checked out this older drawing as I was completing the Leeds Food Festival illustration; and I think the newer one is a bit more colourful as it includes fruit and vegetables together.


11 Comments on “North Leeds Food Festival”

  1. Sabine says:

    Hi Matthew, I saw your illustration featured on WordPress and really like your art, it´s beautiful. Greetings from France! Sabine.


  2. Gina says:

    I saw your food box and I giggled. My husband and I have 3 8×4 square foot garden boxes chock full of growing produce. Our zucchini and squash plants look vaguely like Audry from Little Shop of Horrors. Right now I have a zucchini, tomato and onion quiche in the oven in the attempt to stay ahead of the ripening food. I have three zucchini the size of three chihuahuas that I am trying to use up, lol. Your box looks yummy and I hope you enjoy it because there is nothing better than fresh produce!

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  4. Kimberly.S says:

    Brilliant idea to draw people to your blog 👍🏾


  5. Mark Caudill says:

    That is some awesome drawings you do.


  6. Hellow Matthew,
    I know nothing about North Leeds Food Festival but I absolutely love this style of picture. Thank you for your art!
    Could you please tell me a name of the technique? Is this aquarelle? I have somehow associated it with some French pattern of the art. Is that right?


  7. This is amazing! I wish I could be this wonderfully artistically talented


  8. The technique I seem to use the most is with pen and ink – it’s called pen and ink, but usually that means using some kind of ink (I use finaliser pens, but you could use dip-pens in a pot of ink or a fountain pen) and then colour wash with, again, either ink or watercolour paint (as i have done here).
    I use the fineliner pens to draw out the main shapes and then to hatch in lines to shading and textures.
    I think Aquarelle are a type of coloured pencil, which I’m just beginning to use.


  9. Thanks for the detailed answer!
    Honestly I can not draw. I just wanted to know how to create such a beautiful illustaration. But now it seems, I am ready to try )


  10. Eva says:

    I love this illustration! This makes me really want to pick up the water colors again… and go to the farmers market 🙂


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