Herne the Hunter

01 Herne smokay – so, going back to the magazine commission couple of months ago …

and here we have Herne the Hunter – a kind of mystical tree/stag spirit of the woods.

For these illustrations I was trying to channel nostalgia – each of the five illustrations was of a different legendary character, so I felt it necessary to illustrate them in a suitable style.

I choose to illustrate the mythical spirit of the greenwood not as a stag-headed man, but as a man dressed in stag garb, purely in reference to the old “Robin of Sherwood” television series from the early/mid eighties.

Again, the trees are an amalgam from various John Ford woodland illustrations.

on a vaguely related note …

I Know What I’m Doing This Summer

… I’ve not posted for a little while – well, my reasons are several-fold; I find myself in the exciting position of being spewed out of mainstream 9 to 5 work in a small handful of weeks – an escape from full-time teaching (again! … “Just when I thought I’d got out! They pull me back in!”) So, I’ve got a bunch of weeks over the Summer break to put together a wider range of products -; some cards and another booklet, methinks. I know what it is that I want to do ….

.. but, it ain’t half tricky motivating oneself towards goals like this without deadlines! I’m trying to set the deadline of the end of the Summer break (for UK schools) as I’ll be dipping my toes back in the exciting world of supply teaching again!


3 Comments on “Herne the Hunter”

  1. missyjean says:

    Love the illustration, and especially the texturing on the tree trunk.

    As far as deadlines, particularly when you are faced with the freedom of a non-9-to-five schedule, are really magical. I have a few projects that are on my plate for the summer as well, and your post has reminded me to set some deadlines for myself.

    Cheers, and happy to see your new post.


  2. Good luck with the new projects!


  3. Hi – nice to hear from you 🙂 I’m going to set myself up with a few little deadlines over the summer weeks and I’ve got an A4 watercolour all ready fro experimenting with Acrylics and Gouache …


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