No more waiting for Sketchbook Skool

A little bit of fun for Sketchbook Skool

IMG_3310I’m just about finished tinkering with the giveaway thingy for my Sketchbook Skool week. I really feel it ought to be called Phun with Phood, or something.

It’s a set of cards to mix things up a bit when you’re drawing a meal out; so you can vary where on the page you’re going to work, What twist you’re going to focus on and whether the location is going to have an impact on your drawing.

During my week on Sketchbook Skool, they’ll be available to download as a PDF document.


Alternatively I’ll make them available to buy on my Etsy site; not just yet, though – I don’t want any Sketchbook Skoolers accidentally ordering a set of pre-printed luxury cards before term starts!

I’m also working on a series of booklets to accompany each set of cards; with some hints and tips and random thoughts based around each idea; I’m currently finishing off the Focus book and am about to start work on the Location book. They’ve been immense fun (sorry, phun) to put together and I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you.

Join me and Sketchbook Skool and sign up for Polishing now!




One Comment on “No more waiting for Sketchbook Skool”

  1. I’m in. Looking forward to starting!


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