Pull up a chair

SBS_Logo-d64fdf287862cc613549ad733415f057Well sign-ups are GO at Sketchbook Skool!

Just $99 for six weeks of exploration and investigation into the styles and ideas of a range of artists and illustrators.

Including little old me!

I’m busily working on one or two surprises that I’m going to be sharing in the next week or so – linked in with my Sketchbook Skool week and brimming with tasty pictures of my food (Of course!)

Untitled-2(and wishing that my handwriting/drawing was available as a font – but then, I’d lose the spontaneity and quirkiness)

I’m super-excited about it all – getting to meet and greet my klass. Sharing my quirky food drawings with y’all.

So, pick up a doughnut (donut) and a cup of tea and sign up for tasty drawing fun.

Glazed raspberry sm2

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