It’s beginning to feel a less like Christmas …

St Matthews - Christingle smI always feel really torn at Christmas time …

Part of me wants to embrace the the jolly tinsel, egg-nog swilling fun of it all, and the other half just sees corporations rubbing their hands at the foolish ‘externalities’ running about sending money.

I watched a video on The Facebook today with a parent videoing their child meeting Santa. Telling Santa what they would like for Christmas.

You know the drill … child says some ‘with it’, of the moment THING, and Santa repeats it.

Only, THIS Santa repeats it incorrectly!

“Come on, Santa! Get it right!” extols the parent!

If I’m anything other than a consumerist, I’m a traditionalist. Some of the ‘to the left’, rebel thinkers try too hard – the rebel against authority and anything to do with tradition. But these are the things that separate us from the corporate take-over! The corporation does not want us to appreciate the national anthem, to look kindly on war veterans  or appreciate historical events. What stockholders is that going to benefit?

‘Come on Santa, Get it right!’ ?? What?? Who are you to question Santa Claus? Do you fly round THE WHOLE WORLD (!) delivering presents to all the children in Western/democratic/Christian countries!! (but not the other children), IN ONE NIGHT?

I don’t think so!!

Don’t question His methods in front of the children.


One Comment on “It’s beginning to feel a less like Christmas …”

  1. Spot on – a very happy Christmas to you.


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