Letting my monkey have a rest

coffee monkey sm2Danny Gregory writes about our inner monkey – that nagging voice that criticises and pulls faces at our ideas and our attempts to put them into practice.

Let me put this into context for me.

This monkey drawing was a commission for a colleague at work.

I do not know this monkey.

It is not my inner monkey.

When I was asked to draw it – a monkey with a mug of coffee – I carried it out not realising the meaning for myself.

Sometimes out monkeys screech and cry loudly in our minds, sometimes they go quiet and I’m pleased to feel that my own personal inner monkey is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment. It is taking a break. It is no longer in the house.

Thank you.



It’s nice to think that the darned monkey won’t return, but I’m sure it will. (I’ll enjoy the ride more whilst it’s putting it’s feet up for a while) But what would art life be like if it weren’t there at all? How can we truly relish those full-on creative times , when nothing stands in our way, if we can’t recall those times when our inner monkeys mock and deride our work?

We can only appreciate the sweet when we also put up with the sour.

I’d love to be able to say that I have some magic words to help push through blocks and ruts, but I don’t. I think the main thing about making art, is … making art. But sometimes we have to look up and study the landscape that we are going to paint. Sometimes we have to reflect and do other things, so that we can bounce back and leave our monkey standing, er sitting with it’s coffee.

Bemused, perhaps, at our creative surge, but silent.

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