Building my own burger again

We popped out for lunch just before we were to send Lucy off on a residential school trip to the Lake District.High Park Burger sm

High Park Burger B smThere seems to be a real trend towards Sweet Potato Fries at the moment. They’re everywhere. I guess it’s a sweeting-tasting alternative to the blander, regular fries.

They’re quite moorish already, but I wonder what they would be like with a sprinkling of paprika on them?






High Park Burger A smI had to go for my favourite Build-Your-Own-Burger option from the menu.

(I actually added in a Black Pudding too, but that didn’t really work out for me, so i took it out)

It’s been a while since I’ve used biro in my drawing as well as my regular uni-pin. It’s really useful for getting in the finer shades of grey into a sketch, but most definitely not to be used for anything work that’s going to be displayed in light; as the biro fades over time.



2 Comments on “Building my own burger again”

  1. Nuce drawing. I;m a Dutch teacher and afthe a very intensive training based on the drawing methode of Betty Edwards my students follow a program where thy committed themselves to draw every day for 30 minutes. After repeating the subjects of the course they start the Journal…


  2. Oh they’re a fad now? I gotta say I’m quite partial to them as well. But I’ve had immensely different tasting ones. Of course that can happen with normal French fries as well but somehow sweet potato fries really taste totally different at almost every single place. Your rendition of yours looks pretty blistered, mouthwatering!

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