Foraging Around

Whilst we were up in Skipton the other day I got to try an interesting salad dish and an equally interesting serving of it.

Forager salads smWell, actually it was three different ones.

At the Forage Cafe and Deli they offer a selection of home made salads which, if one picks from their Forager’s Board, you can select three (or more) different salads to try together.

I opted for a Beetroot, Goats Cheese, Walnut and Bean – this salad was bright and zingy

Greek-Style Pearl Barley with Feta and Tomato – nice combinations of textures and flavours (But then, they all did)


Wild Rice with Coconut, Carrot, Spring Onion and Almond – The coconut flavours were subtle and light.

They were all super-delicious, freshly made and bursting with flavours.

If only we could be assured of having interesting and flavoursome salads on more restaurants. In far too many eateries Salad means a small handful of wet lettuce leaves with some carrots julienne plonked on top. Uninteresting and unexciting.

More people would try and enjoy salad if they were as stimulating as the ones at Forage.


2 Comments on “Foraging Around”

  1. Yum! I thought you might be interested in this Matthew. We have an amazing guy locally who runs wild food foraging courses. A couple of weeks ago he did one for our conservation group. We picked, prepared and ate an amazing buffet comprising of: lime tree leaves, beech leaves, crow garlic, wild mustard, ground elder and jelly ear fungus salad with stilton, baguettes with cream cheese and wild garlic , all washed down with a glass of birch sap! Stunningly delicious and one gentleman said it was the best salad he’d ever had in his life! Jules (from AJW FB group)


  2. Wow! Jules – this sounds amazing! Both the experience and the meal. I’m beginning to think that salads are a bit of an untapped area of cooking/recipes. How fantastic to be able to walk out and pick your salad, though. Fab!


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